WHO AM I?   

Alyssa Ancla is the person behind this blog. She finished Bachelor of Science in Food Technology at the University of the Philippines Mindanao. Aside from doing laboratory works and experiments, she loves to write and read.

Nothing can beat the happiness of making other people feel more inspired to live each day. With that, she aims to publish her own book. This is why she invaded the blog sphere to be able to learn and gain more experiences in terms of amateur writing.

In her deeper self, she is introvert and in love with nature. Nature gives her energy to her day to day life. In spare times, she loves to engage herself in philosophical books and movies. Adventures entices her. She's an adventurer in her imaginative self.

When did she started blogging?

She started to blog way back in 2009 when she was still sophomore student in high school. It all started with www.friendster.com. She was addicted with layouts and editing HTML and even made different accounts to different blogging websites such as multiply, tumblr and blogspot. Her web space is a tool for her to share things about school and stuff. She didn't even know that what she was doing was blogging. Until such time that she was invited to blog events and met bloggers. Blogging has changed her life and has given her lots of opportunities and experiences.

This blog consists the poems that she write during her wandering hours, thoughts about life, her favorite mixtapes (usually indie), the city that she lives in (Davao) and other random things.

 M O R E 
 Date started: March 4, 2011
 Site URL: www.ohlysafae.blogspot.com - www.hellolysa.blogspot.com - www.AlyssaAncla.xyz. 
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 Category: Lifestyle, Food, Personal
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 Currently: Unemployed
 Member of: Davao Digital Influencers
 Hobbies: Playing the guitar, blogging, bonding with my dogs, learning new things,
Indie Folk 
Paint by Paper Kites
Flightless Bird by Paper Kites
American Mouth by Iron and Wine
Charlie Boy by Lumineers
Alive by Graeme James

Christian Indie
Anchor of My Soul by Josh Garrels (and his other songs)

; I usually visit indieshuffle for indie songs.

 Favorites: sweets, tea, meeting bloggers and nothing can beat a relaxing music during a rainy day.
 Short description of myself: Deep and Dreamer
 Language: English, Filipino and Visaya.
 A blind man looking for a black cat in a dark room which is not there.

My Daily Reads

   C O N T A C T  
You can contact me at lysafae@yahoo.com

  B Y E  
I am open for suggestions, collaborations and sponsorship. Just send me an email. I also blog for the following:


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