High hopes

High hopes
Davao scene at 6 a.m
There are things in life that you just want to move on- bad past, trauma, toxic relationship, getting stuck at something and such things. And, it is hard. Let's be real here, it takes lots of courage and effort to make a difference. We all suffer from strongholds, getting stuck at something or dealing things over and over again. At times, we just get tired of it. We get tired of facing it every day, we are just humans, we have the rights to get tired. Then, along with the journey, you lost yourself. You don't know yourself anymore because you were consumed by your experiences and distress. Sometimes you even question your journey, if an ending does even exist?

When you are fed up with the situation, all the tears has been cried and all hurt has been felt. You just don't know what to feel next. When you feel numb and tired and misery, all at once. It is like tasting every worst state of life. When that happens, when on the verge of hopelessness and knowing that the situation is overwhelming, I just let it pass through. Let it be, don't fight. This way, you experience life in all angles, in a different perspective. Always grateful.

The thought of nothing lasts forever may be associated with break up, ending, or something that is misery. On the brighter side, it also means moving on. Moving on from the past that has been holding unto you for so long. Moving on to a better life that you have always imagined yourself to be. Moving on means hope. Time will come that a period will end our troubles, Time will end every misery. Just believe that the God or universe or whatever things you believe tom will take care of you. It may take time, but it will end. Just. hold. on. Always grateful.
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