It's been a while since I wrote this series. This post is not the typical one since this will consist my reflections since Thursday (Holy Thursday) to Easter Sunday. To give you an overview, I live in a country which comprises a large population of Christians/Catholics. Thus, we celebrate Holy week annually and most of the time it's a Holiday. A perfect time to redeem the lost and compromised quiet time because of the distractions of the world. 

Today I realized Five important things.

The happy little things. (Sounds cliche but often missed). It's been on my routine to go to church every Sunday, then eat somewhere with a friend for almost a month now. I guess I had overlooked it before as it became a "habit". But it had made me aware that I am so blessed to have a buddy whom I can talk to about anything, a friend that I know will never judge me. In a world like we have, it's easy to meet new people but difficult to find a true friend. I tell you, one true friend outweighs superficial acquaintances. 

Blue skies, fluffy clouds, sun casting golden rays and turning the horizon red, happy faces of ordinary people, city lights, tall proud buildings, starry and peaceful nights. These things are some of the reasons for living. They represent life.

The importance of our spiritual being. It's easy to determine whether we are healthy physically if we are getting fat or become too thin. But our spirituality, it's invisible. It's something we often give the least attention to. In this noisy, busy and fast-paced world, spirituality is something "last" on our list. We may never know but, we need to feed it and nurture it like our physical body. Sometimes I forget to ask myself within, "Am I healthy deep inside?".  

Many people have empty lives. Work to Live and Live to Work. There are people who work hard day and night, to fulfill their Vacation Goals. Most of our goals are for personal benefit/growth, it's not bad though. We invest in materials things, travels or even mutual funds. But, it's not also bad if we invest ourselves in nurturing our spirituality.

Always be thankful. A friend of mine shared this with me. One of my friends once said that one sign of maturity is saying thank you rather than asking for things. We are so blessed of what we have. Though there may be times that we in doubt because as if God is against us. Still, be thankful. He will use every circumstance to mold you, to change your heart and your perspective. Remember that delayed victories are the sweetest!

Challenges never end. I always thought that life would be simpler when I reach college. When I was in college, I thought life would be better when I graduate. But no, every stage has its problems to be conquered. Life is a series of unfortunate events. Unless you change your perspective about it. It's about how you look at it, it's all about how you think of it. When problems arise, hold unto God, always.

At the end, we will all still die. All our material possessions, even our body will soon decay. I hope we will all be ready when that time comes by living our lives to the fullest and according to our purpose. 

Currently listening to How Great thou Art - Lauren Daigle

 I hope you were inspired by this post. I would appreciate if you would share me your reflections. 

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