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I'm really hesitant to write something about this topic. I think it is sensitive and at the same time very personal. People might judge me for this post, but I think what matters is that I have something to impart for my readers. Beware: This is a horror/drama post.

To start of, I just finish my rough and rocky college life. It was mind blowing and life-changing. I always thought that finishing my thesis and graduating college would be the end of of my struggles. But I was wrong. Never did I know that a another storm is going to test me.

The moment when I had my manuscript bind was the happiest day in my college life. I was blissful and carefree. I was enjoying the peace of mind I never had in years. I was really excited of what the world would offer to me. I was thinking that it would be alright because I'm from a good university after all. I passed resume online and even had a chance to get interviewed. I graduated a science major course, that I thought would never be a problem. I never thought that job hunting is not an easy job. There is a minimal opportunities available and you even have to be competitive to get a minimum-pay kind of job. Then when "we" start to work, shifting schedule is normal, day off is negotiable and the amount of stress is undeniable. I was thinking did I really studied for this? I mean, it's more like a trap. I thought "real world" is "freedom". But it's more of a nightmare.

My parents were asking me about my plans, but they keep on insisting that I should work as soon as possible. Guess they really need me to help them with the finances. They told me to start working so that I can help them with the bills. I don't want to be selfish. Really, I want to help them but I'm still trying to figure out my way. I'm still looking for opportunities that will match my passion and at the same time would help me grow. Somehow, I am confused because my passion contradicts with my degree.

The society insists us, millennials, to find a job immediately and work to have money. It's like an unwritten rule that reminds us every single day. It's not wrong though but we have our own paths to take. I would prefer not compromising to whatever the society is telling. People are insisting that I'm just wasting my time, but we don't have to be so excited to move on to the next level. Everything has a right timing. 

I may still be dependent to my parents or may not be earning money as of the moment, but that doesn't mean that I am wasting my time. I am in the process of knowing myself more and enjoying the moment. I never had this much time ever since I entered the world of studying. I was astonished that we actually have all the time we wanted, and if we don't want to waste it, start spending it by doing the things you love. 

One day soon, I shall reminisce this day and never regret a single thing. All things work together for my good.


  1. I wish you all the best in your life :)

  2. I felt the same way when I just finished my degree last year. Job hunting wasn't an easy thing to do but parents just didn't understand that and kept asking 'when would you get a job' but yeah that's how life is. And yeah, am working in the field that I have little to no passion on. Still figuring myself out on how should I work to get to do what I really wanted to do.
    A good sharing btw, I really needed this :')


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