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This topic may sound cliche, a new graduate who is now at the workplace. I used to be one of those college students who cram for homework, freak out during a surprise quiz and sometimes comes late to class. I had a love and hate relationship with my thesis which is somewhat one of the biggest hurdles I had ever encountered. My last years in the university seemed to be the longest and the hardest. Also, those were also the years where I learned about the things that are not taught in the classroom. We are not taught how to have hope when it seems like there is none, how to believe in yourself when there is no more in you that you could believe in, and how to stand up when every hard work is falling apart. I was always looking forward to the day that I will write about this article, to declare that I'm officially in the so-called real world. Woah! I've been through a lot- I've been stuck in reverse where the road to graduation seemed to be endless.

When I was in college, I always thought that this world is a trap. (It sounds weird because I'm not used to when I say was in college. Still, I can't believe that I finished college already). This studying idea is a trap and going to work is a trap. When I was almost done with my thesis and thought about my whereabouts after college, it often leaves me clueless. My perception about working is often translated to something negative. Most of my peers, when asked about their workplace, would often say "Nah", "let's not talk about it" or "it's a trap" as if it's something a burden. Instead, I took a rest for a while and prayed. There were various of offers available but most of the time, the workplace is too far. There came a moment when an offer came to me. It was none of my plans to take it, but Yes, I did took it. Everything is just great.

How is my first job experience?

Some of my friends once said to me that we'll never be happy with our first jobs (generally speaking). But I beg to disagree because as much as I am enjoying new things, I love what I'm doing right now. To give you an idea about my current job, I'm actually a research assistant at our university. I know I'm still at my comfort zone, I don't know if this is considered as 'real world' but still, I love it.

Even though I'm already "working", I still have free time. I join church events such as the acoustic night life. I'm working on my spirituality which I can't do when I was still studying because of the very hectic schedule.

3 Misconceptions about working:

It's a trap/toxic. This depends on what kind of environment you have in your workplace. You'll never know if it's for you or not unless you try.

Working is worse than schooling. For me, no. From what I had experience, my college life is stressful. I can't even remember if I ever had a decent and peaceful rest especially when I was doing my thesis. When you are studying, you have lots of free time (summer break, Christmas break, holidays and etc), but end up stressed of the assignments and homework for the next day. In my case, I leave my work at the office. When I go home, there's nothing I think about. This also depends on what kind of job you have. My schedule is eight hours a day and five times a week. I can enjoy my weekends like a normal person. Some people have only one day off per week and on shifting schedule, that will be stressful though.

The "real" world is scary. Every unknown is always scary. Unless you take a leap of faith, you will never know what is waiting on the other side.

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