A Night at the Rooftop // a short story

A Night at the Rooftop

The night was young and the sky is full of stars, I was at the restaurant located at the rooftop of a tall building. The place was lightly lit, not too bright nor too dim. I was at the corner where the view is prominent. There were indoor also plants next to me. The place was silent as there were only few people on it. I was sitting in a chair and enjoying the coffee as I taste every drop. It was a simple night though but it was so calm and so good. I looked at the around and felt that life is great. I got my phone and started checking the social media. I don't know what came out of my mind as I was typing your name. As I waited for my phone to load, my gaze turned to building’s rooftop next to where I am. There was also a coffee shop, just like this place where I am staying when a familiar face struck me. It was you. Of all the places in the world, why would you be at the rooftop of the building next to the building where I am at? Our gaze met and saw that you recognized me too. Out of gesture, I said "Hi", as if you can hear me, and smiled. It was years since I last met you, I didn’t dare to talk to you any further when our connection was cut. You still have that friendly face though. I sipped one more from my cup and went out. I didn’t know what to do; I mean I didn’t expect that I’ll feel this after years and being so distant with each other. You were miles and time away. Why does it feel as if the emotions I used to have just came back in a glimpse? I walk away from the spot where I saw you. Should I go to you or should I just forget what happened? I am really confused. I went downstairs and saw my mother and sister. We were at the department store and checking out their new clothes. I'm still bothered with the fact that i saw you. Suddenly, someone murmured at my back. I turned around and was surprised to see you. I suddenly felt cold and cannot move as if my body stiffened like an ice. I could feel how my eyes dilated, just like the days when I realized I fall in love with you. I told my mom and sister that I have to talk to you. We were again at the rooftop and sat at a spot where a light was through us. We were talking as if the years that have passed didn’t come into existence, as if we were just together all those long years. You showed me things about of your current job which was related to programming. I was in awe because I thought you pursued your passion in writing, you were always the artistic one. You told me about your experiences with the countries you’ve been through. I can’t believe this is happening, never thought that you’d come back to my life again after we got off. We stood up as I was about to go and you asked, “Are you free this Saturday?” I just nodded in agreement and knew that this is something.


  1. yehaaa. i love the suspense part and the calm night. <3

    1. Hi thank you! I really appreciate that you read it! :)


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