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I've finished doing my thesis and I am about to enter a new phase of my life. Everything is new to me- no more deadlines, lots of free time and stress free life. For almost a year, I didn't had a peaceful sleep, since a typical night would mean revising my thesis and doing experiments. It's overwhelming at the same time because I don't know what to do next. We're on the lost stage, the unemployment stage. I don't know where life would take me but I'm looking forward for my next phase in life. 

I've been reflecting more lately about my life and about the people that surround me. I'm grateful because I have friends that surround me. They are real friends that treasure my presence. There are friends that only stick to you because they need you or they stick around you for a specific reason.  But real friends stick to you even without a reason at all. I have friends back in high school that I still bond with. It's crazy because it feels like nothing has changed at all. They make me young again and makes me realize to have fun. That life goes on no matter what. This is where I can see the playful side of myself. On the other hand, I have college friends who taught me about the realities of life, about being responsible as an adult which had really taught me how to face my life's challenges.

It's like every people we meet have different stories. They are like books that are just waiting for you to open, to learn something. I'm thankful that these people has imparted something that has made me a whole. Something that I'll always carry with me. I'll always cherish these real friends I have. Thank you for being real.

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