#RoadToSablay ; After Defense

#RoadToSablay ; After Defense
College of Science and Mathematics, UP Mindanao.

For those of you who are following this blog for sometime, you may probably know that I am currently working on my thesis. I've been waiting for this for ages and here it goes! I just passed the defense! Honestly, the week before the defense were exhausting, anxious and depressed. I don't know but everyone may never be that ready to defend their thesis. There is always that feeling of being "not enough". I didn't even expected to be able to defend on the last day of the defense because of the fact that I think I'll never make it through. I was so stuck with my thesis for some time and there's no backward or forward. It's not so good to be so unproductive at all, while everyone are working and moving on with their lives. I can't help myself but to be jealous of them because I could be one of them too. Never in my life had the thought of being here in my current situation.

I asked myself too many questions that I'm too desperate to answer. Whenever I feel the tension and pressure building, I always try to find peace with the Almighty. He sends someone, somebody to help me and work out my thesis. There are things that I encountered, along with my thesis journey, that seemed to be impossible for my human mind to find an escape. But the Almighty has done all the miracles. He has blessed me with smart and supportive college friends. I am especially thankful to my lab partner who always pushed to the limits. Whenever I feel like giving up, I refueled with my amazement of his drive to continue and reach the goal. 

God sends his angels to keep us on achieving our goals. The day before the defense, I've decided to offer the day to the Almighty. I lay my burdens at his very feet and surrendered everything. I attended the mass with my close friend and went to the mall to buy something. We had a dinner and chitchat for a while. I was calmer and secured.

Rm 105

With my college close friends (JP and Shiela)

No amount of happiness can measure this moment.
To tell you the truth, I am really just nothing. There's nothing in me to be boastful about, since this achievement is not solely my effort. I would like to thank the people who were with me since Day 01. This is for you people,

I still have a long way to run for these to be bidden but I'm on my way to my Sablay!

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