Mixtape: Nostalgic Nights vol 01

Mixtape: Nostalgic Nights vol 01
-or /mix-tape/ or /mix tape/compilation of music recorded in specific order
Welcome to my first mixtape! This mixtape is inspirational and music for the soul. I love to listen to this mixtape whenever I'm so lost and on the verge of giving up. Sometimes we tend to forget how to "live" because we are blinded by our daily activities. Sometimes we forgot that this borrowed life can be gone too soon, without us knowing. Some people don't even reach 20s or 30s. "If you're still breathing, you're the lucky ones (Young - Daughter)."

Nostalgic Nights

01. Heavenly Father by Bon Iver
02. Anchor of my soul by Josh Garrels
03. Young by Daughter
04. Blue Mind by Alexi Murdoch
05. Blindsided by Bon Iver
06. Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch
07. A long way by Josh Garrels
How about you? What are your current mixtape? Tell me your ideas if you've listened to these songs.


Chef Donita Rose shares her Jolly Heart Mate recipes at the 31st Kadayawan Festival

Chef Donita Rose shares her Jolly Heart Mate recipes at the 31st Kadayawan Festival

(Davao City, Philippines) – The rewarding experience of sharing a feast is just one of the many perks of cooking especially for Filipinos, and Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil ambassador Chef Donita Rose happily shares her passion in cooking at the first leg of her Regional Festival Tour, Davao’s Kadayawan Festival.

Kadayawan Festival, being the city’s biggest annual party, is a week-long celebration in which the entire city transforms into a colorful place with people celebrating in the streets. The festival’s 31st anniversary could cannot be any bigger, with Chef Donita sharing her satisfying recipes that are all a perfect fit for the fiesta gathering.

The celebrity chef is set to do a series of promotional cooking demo mall shows. Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil had its festival tour at Gaisano Mall last August 20, 4PM; in this event Chef Donita has shown a unique signature dish using her cooking techniques and unique ingredients fresh from Davao.

“Filipinos, especially the Davaoeños, really love to eat particularly during the Kadayawan, our culture is practically centered on food which brings families closer, so we should also be aware of how we prepare the food and what ingredients we use for the dishes that we serve,” said Donita.

With the thanksgiving festival of Davao showcasing their bountiful harvest of fruits, vegetables, livestock and poultry seafood, Chef Donita wants to help Davaoeños to prepare delicious dishes using their harvest, but making it heart healthy with the use of Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil.

“We must always be conscious that the ingredients we use should be good for the heart, like Jolly Heart Mate Canola oil which contains the lowest amount of bad fats (saturated fats) but packs in the good kind like omega 3 and 6 that are good for the heart,” Donita shared.

Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil also contains Vitamin A and has a pale golden color, light texture, and neutral taste that makes it good for all kinds of cooking. Aside from being versatile, it also has one of the highest smoking points which make it very ideal for frying.

Chef Donita Rose notes that the preparation and the ingredients we use in the cooking process makes a difference. These tips she plans to share makes any simple dish more flavorful, or any sinful dish a lot more heart-healthy.
“We are very happy that Donita continues to be the brand ambassador of Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil; she easily connects well with her audience given her lively personality. Her passion for cooking can be easily seen, and we believe that she can inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle by using a healthy oil like Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil in all the dishes we cook at home and especially in festivals such as the Kadayawan,” added Zen Prudentino, Fly Ace Corporation Senior Product Manager for Jolly Heart Mate Canola oil.

After the Kadayawan Festival, Donita is scheduled to have a stopover in Naga next month for the Peñafrancia Festival as part of her nationwide festival tour. For more information on Chef Donita’s Festival Tour with Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil, visit their facebook page on


Review: Red Corner, Ecoland Davao City

Review: Red Corner, Ecoland Davao City
Red Corner, Tulip Drive
Along the street of Tulip Drive is where another branch of Red Corner situated. Curious as we are, my friend and I tried this store. I've been hearing few compliments about this store and it's time to finally prove it! We went there at 3pm and there were only two customers. The ambiance is good. They have a flat screen tv which plays Game of Trones when we got there.

"Pacman" for Php 165
I tried the "Pacman" burger. Of course it is named after Manny Pacquiao. It is topped with cheese sauce, caramelized onion, sauteed mushrooms and honey-cured bacon. In short, yummy saturated fats. But who cares? It's bacon and burger.

The burger is served in a wooden chopping board with paper. The only problem that I encountered is that sometimes the the burger sticks in the paper. They could just get rid of the paper though.

"Pacman"- closer look
This new branch is just a few steps away from the Buffet Palace located in Matina, It's a 5 minute walk from the main road. I'll definitely go back to this place and try their other burgers. 

Lamps are love

Thanks for reading! How about you? What's your favorite burger store?


Young Davaoenos get a chance to join world-class football camps in Malaysia, Europe via Astro, Globe tie up

Young Davaoenos get a chance to join world-class football camps in Malaysia, Europe via Astro, Globe tie up

About 300 children aged 10-12 from Davao City and nearby provinces will vie for a chance to join world-class football camps in Malaysia and possibly, Europe this year for free as part of the tie-up between Astro Malaysia and Globe Telecom.

The top eight players from the Davao leg will be competing against talented athletes from Iloilo, Negros Occidental, and Manila for 12 slots in the Astro Kem Bola Advanced Training Programme in Kuala Lumpur next month together with their counterparts from Singapore and Malaysia. The best players from the advanced camp will then fly to Europe for two weeks of professional football training in December 2016.

“The Astro Kem Bola programme aims to provide a comprehensive learning and football development experience. Through it, we have seen talented kids grow into well-rounded athletes playing in the Malaysian national youth team on an international platform. We are privileged to be able to play a role in their development and look forward to do the same for the youth of Philippines and other ASEAN countries,” said Datuk David Michael Yap, Vice President of Community Affairs, Astro. The Malaysian media and entertainment powerhouse network, likewise, introduced recently to Globe customers the latest in live sports such as e-games and the newest Asian shows via over-the-top (OTT) provider Tribe. 

“We are proud that Astro has chosen TM Football Para sa Bayan as a venue to discover talented kids who would be given an opportunity to further harness their craft and bring them closer to their dreams. Through our sports advocacy, we hope to forge similar partnerships with other like-minded organizations to help uplift the lives of the youth especially those from the marginalized sector and provide them with a platform to showcase their talents,” said Fernando Esguerra, Globe Director for Citizenship.

(L to R) Fernando Esguerra Jr (Globe Citizenship Director) ; Hans Peter Smit (Green Archers United -GAU-Technical Director); Chieffy Caligdong (GAU Playing coach/Head Coach under 14 National Team); and Monchu Garcia (GAU Team Manager)

Ray Guinoo, TM Portfolio and Brand Head added: “TM, being a brand for the youth, is always after the development of our young people. One of the ways to do this is through TM Football Para sa Bayan. We are using the power of sports to instil in the youth the importance of possessing the right attitude, good values, and a good education. Hopefully, through the sports communities and the tie up with Astro, we can create more opportunities for the kids across the country.

 ”The TM Football Para sa Bayan clinics are being handled by Green Archers United (GAU), a professional football league which has been Globe Telecom’s implementing partner in developing the football grassroots program in the last three years.

To show that Astro and Globe/TM are looking for more than just exceptional football skills, the kids will also be selected based on teamwork; discipline, behaviour and sportsmanship; communication on and off the pitch; positive attitude towards teammates, volunteers, and coaches; ability to listen to instructions; and good personality. 

The football clinics are open to all street football communities, underprivileged kids, varsity players from public and private schools, and private football clubs. Interested participants may register by sending their complete name, birth date, contact number to or calling Deeg Rodriguez at +639178843334.


ETC Paintensity goes to Kadayawan 2016!

ETC Paintensity goes to Kadayawan 2016!

Enjoy the fusion of high-energy music, art, dance, and paint in one spectacular party happening on August 20, Saturday, at SM Lanang Premier from 4 PM to 1 AM. Color the night to the beat of party music by top DJs featuring BadKiss, Martin Pulgar, Knoxville, and more!

ETC is also giving away limited edition ETC Paintensity shirt at the venue. Admission is FREE! There's no reason not to join at all. For your convenience, here's the list of party rules and prohibited items.

1. Strictly NO SMOKING. Smoking areas are located near Vikings, and near RDU fronting SM Store entrance.
2. For safety purposes, wearing of slippers and bringing of backpacks are not allowed.
3. Dangerous and violent activities will not be tolerated. Offenders will be forced to leave the premises.
4. Throw your garbage on the designated trash bins in the area. Recycling is highly encouraged.

1. Professional video and photo camera (SLR with detachable lens)
2. Big posters/banners/placards/signage

3. Laser pens and pointers
Weapons and/or any sharp objects

4. Candles, fireworks and/or any kind of pyrotechnics
5. Glass/pet bottles, cans, hard plastic containers, etc
6. NO pets allowed
7. Alcohol beverages and illegal drugs
8. Large chains, spike bracelets, wallet chains, large metal belt buckles, food and drinks
9. Chairs (any type)

For safety reasons, children, pregnant women and anyone with disability will NOT be allowed to enter. Strictly for 16 years old and above only.

Davao Digital Influencers is the official social media partner of ETC. For further details and updates, check out ETC on and on Twitter and Instagram via @etc_channel. Don’t miss out on the fun at #etcpaintensity2016! See you there!

Kadayawan 2016

Kadayawan 2016
The official schedule for Kadayawan 2016

"Madayaw", is from the Dabawenyo word "dayaw", which means good or beautiful. Kadayawan festival, or any other festival, means get together with friends and family. My favorite in the Kadayawan lineup is the floral float parade, who wouldn't? I guess most of the Dabawenyos will tell the same thing. Those gigantic floats never fail to amaze me especially that most them are the outcome of team work and effort. 

Who wouldn't be excited for festivals? Street dance, parties and food are everywhere. This is the best time to go on food trips since most of the food establishments are on sale. Not just food, but even the clothes. Bazaars will also be available and this is be the best time to update your closet. 

Anyway, I am inviting everyone to join us as we celebrate the kadayawan 2016 here in Davao City. Stay tuned! I'm excited for my future post Kadayawan posts. Here's the promotional video. Enjoy!

Let's Celebrate the 31st Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival!") from Art Boncato on Vimeo.

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The unveiling of Smart Bro's latest exclusive deal

The unveiling of Smart Bro's latest exclusive deal

Smart bro, one of the country's leading brand when we talk about telecommunications, has unveiled the best and latest exclusive deal for iPad Mini 2 in Davao City at the Home Crest Hotel. This gives the subscribers to get iPad Mini 2 for only P599 per month, which includes 1.7GB monthly data powered exclusively by SMART's fast and reliable LTE technology. The offer comes with free 1.1Gb of video streaming on YouTube, Iflix, Dailymotion and Vimeo for the first three month.

The Smart Bro's best iPad Mini 2 deal is part of the ongoing barkada road trip across the Philippines with the Smart Brokada celebrities- Michael Pangilinan and Ms. MJ Lastimosa.

The Smart Brokadas MJ Lastimosa (center) and Michael Pangilinan (second from left) with PLDT and Smart Bro Execs. (Photo grabbed from Kevin Paquet of

The Brokada road trip has conquered Manila, Baguio, Bohol, CDO, Cebu and Ilocos, and is set to invade more major cities nationwide. This time, the Brokada road trip goes to Ologapo, Zamboanga, Bulacan and Iloilo.

Photo grabbed from Jojie Alcantara

For more information, please visit

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Got a Domain! Finally!

Got a Domain! Finally!
www, (since August 6, 2016)

I finally got my own domain: with the help of my closest blogger friend Kevin. It would be my pleasure of you'll visit his site. This domain was born on August 6, 2016. He suggested to get my own domain, but didn't really thought about it thoroughly because I don't think I deserve it. Like, I don't earn monetary amount from this blog. I made this for purely personal purposes, which is venting out. But somehow, deep inside me, I always knew that I want one. I told him to give me one as a graduation gift. I was joking that time but he really did  gave it to me way too advanced. From then on, I was inspired to write more and to take care of this blog. This blog and I has been through so much for more than five years, though I've deleted some of my entries. 

I tried once transffered at WordPress but just lasted for quite sometime. I'll always miss how flexible blogger's templates are. This blog is like a home to me, my alternate world. Maybe I just cant give it up so I'm staying with it. I am still overwhelmed with my own name as the my domain name. At first, I found it too narcissist, but I cant find any descriptive words. I also thought what if people might be confused with the spelling of my name since some of them mistakenly write Allisa, Allysa or Alysa instead of Alyssa.

So I'll just end here. I just wondering if some bloggers have the same issues like with with regards of their domain or url name. Comment below if you have, I'd be glad to know that I'm not the only one in this. Have a nice day!


Review: Yurushi Japanese Restaurant, Davao City

Review: Yurushi Japanese Restaurant, Davao City

Along the Uyanguren area of Davao city is where this little restaurant located. Owned by a Japanese, this little food establishment deserves a little acknowledgement here in my blog. My friends ordered Chaahan and Katsudon, but they also offer other Japanese food that you can try on. Sorry for the low quality pictures though.

The serving is pretty huge that can really fill your appetite! Katsudon is at Php 75. It is really affordable knowing that the serving size is quite huge.

The picture above is what I tried, as I can remember it is called "Chaahan". My memory is really bad, guess I have to take down notes next time. Anyway, it has mixed veggies and eggs. For some reasons it has quite similarities with Chaofan of Chowking. This dish cost me less than Php 50, but filled my big appetite! I commend this dish though.

I recommend visiting the place at 5 to 6 pm if you are planning to have a dinner here, since it is usually full at 7-8 pm onward. Anyway, I will surely come back to this place!

Budget: 50 and above

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