A review: Wigaholics (an online shop)

A review: Wigaholics (an online shop)
I remembered when I was in high school, I used to join cosplays with my friends. It was fun and exciting. Seeing people with such amazing costumes, in which most of them are handmade. In case you have tried attending such events, you would know that wigs plays an important part in cosplays, Aside from the costume itself, wigs makes your character more alive and real. Just recently, I had the opportunity to try Wigaholics ( It is an online shop which sells a variety of wigs from long to short. It also offers different colors of wigs you can imagine of! In case you are curious, this link shows some facts about their wigs.

I tried their dark brown bob short  25cm. I received the package after two weeks and I find it fast. Here are the pictures that I took, enjoy!

I so love the color of this wig!

-Hair is so vibrant
-The package comes with freebies

-Some hair falls off

I love it and I recommend it to everyone!

Visit them:

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