All About Watercolor and Koi Waterbrush Review

Hi there! this post will be all about my new hobby, the water color painting. I found this medium exciting and challenging. I was also inspired by some of my favorite artists whose medium is watercolor. Mind you, I'm just a noob in watercolor. I just want to share my "progress" and my experiences to other newbies. 

Watercolor art materials.
My basic water color art supply: Prang Watercolor (Php250), Canson watercolour paper (Php50) and watercolor in tubes. They were all bought at the NBS. On the other hand, Koi water brush (Php 195) was bought at Morning Light Art Gallery Shop. I also own some brush but forgotten to include at the picture.

Koi water brush (medium)
 This is my first water brush and I was astonished when I first used it. It's very handy and lightweight. It perfect when you do your artwork outdoors. The bristles are light when I first bought it but as I use it, I had observed that the colors tend to stick but don't worry it won't leak out. I think it's normal.

What's great about this is that the bristles are made of nylon and do not fall out easily. I think I'm in love with this water brush.

I also love the tube since it's quite long at 9ml. I can't even consume it entirely and I'll just cover it with the black lid.

Closer look
 As what I have noticed, the water tend to flow all throughout. I guess I can handle with it as I am still adjusting to water brush. For the quality, I can say that it's great for it's price. Haven't tried other water brush so I can't compare it with other brands. But for beginners like me, this is a great start. 

A diy color palette 
I just want to share with you my diy color palette. I just used an old make up for this and squeezed out the colors from the tube. It's handy dandy and travel size.

I shamelessly posted these pictures for your reference. I used prang watercolor and koi water brush here. 
trying out the water brush

trying out the water brush

trying out the water brush
I believe my works will improve in time! Thanks for reading! I will be doing reviews with prang water color and canson watercolor paper, so stay put! 

How about you readers, have you tried painting using watercolor before?

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  1. Just continue practicing and youll get the hang of it. 😊

    I havent tried watercolor. It is in demand at the time but im afraid i dont have time to try it out.



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