Discovering Lotus Biscoff

Every coffee needs a Lotus.
As far as I am concerned, I'm a student and often sleep late. I write reports, do researches, conduct experiments and so on. Sometimes, lunch is just an option, sometimes it is not an option though. With this, I always see to it that I have something to munch inside my bag. I can't really work productively with a grumbling stomach. As a lover of pastries and cookies, I want to try every new product that catches my attention. And then there comes Lotus Biscoff, I got a pack in our acquaintance party. They were one of the sponsors and gave each one of us a pack. How generous!



What I love about this biscuit is it doesn't have a sweet taste, rather creamy. This is really great since I can enjoy this with my friends who are not into sweets. It was my first time to taste it which eventually left a mark in my taste buds.It has left a good impression to me and didn't disappointed me. In fact, I might try their other products.

How to enjoy Lotus Biscoff?
  1. Pair it with tea. It's not that sweet thus it wont compete with the tea's aroma
  2. Can be used in making floats such as mango float
  3. Enjoy with coffee
  4. Can be eaten with ice cream for additional flavor
  5. Or Enjoy it alone!
You might wanna try it too! Who knows it may be your new favorite cookie!

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