Davao Digital Influencers Acquaintance Party and Grand Launching

Davao Digital Influencers. Photo by Glen Santillan 
I started blogging way back in 2009 as a hobby. It is my online diary which contains mostly rants about school, crushes and my day to day life. Back in those days, blogging is not that popular thus whenever I tell people that blogging is my hobby, they would often get confused. I had a number of blogs which was then deleted since it mostly contain nonsense stuff. It is really fun to write something and post online. I instantly become an author, which is my childhood dream. Back in the days, I never intended to upgrade my blog to next level. 

I became one of the first members of the Davao Digital Influencers. I met different people, not only bloggers but different personalities in the online world. This organization has opened my close world to a different perspective. Let me introduce you to this group. Davao Digital Influencers is an organization of bloggers, vloggers, micro bloggers and online influencers. It is a non-profit organization which is registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Founded on July 30, 2016, this organization has now over 40 official members. 

Last Friday, September 3, 2016, Davao Digital Influencers had an acquaintance party which was held at the Marco polo of Davao. Since it is a newly formed group, most of its members just had met for the first time. An introductory speech was made by Glen Santillan and followed by the message of Mayor Sarah Duterte which was read by Counselor Joan Bonguyan. 

Twinning with a fellow blogger(Julie). Photo by Julie Escudero

Jonas, Kevin and Me

To be acquainted which each other, a game was carried out which is called “Human Bingo”. It was really a funny game since you have to roam around and let people sign in a piece of paper. The first five who finished were given prices from Artisan Chocolate. There were raffles which involves exciting prices from generous sponsors. A game which is called trivia night was also conducted. Unfortunately, our group failed. But even though, we enjoyed playing the game and interacting with new people. It was really such a pleasure to socialize with this group of people. The food was also great! I love the wine and the cake, in which as I can recall was a tiramisu. I also went home with these goodies!

Thank you sponsors!
Sir Art Boncato, Asec for Department of Trade and Industry has given an inspirational message. I realized the important part we play as influencers. Without us knowing it, we influence people, their views and opinions. It is really important to be vigilant especially on what we post online. This has came to my senses especially on the bombing which happened last Friday (September 2, 2016), people were spreading rumors about the threats that are allegedly imposed by the bandits. I believe this has caused fears to the citizens. We have to filter on what we share online and we have to make sure that it is from the reliable sources.

Overall, the acquaintance party is successful. Kudos to the officers and to those who made this event possible. It was such a great honor for me to be a part of this respectable group.To do what you love and being given credit from it is the best feeling. I'm inspired to blog more and influence people in a good way. This is just a start of something new. Go #TeamDDI. 

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