Review: Yurushi Japanese Restaurant, Davao City

Along the Uyanguren area of Davao city is where this little restaurant located. Owned by a Japanese, this little food establishment deserves a little acknowledgement here in my blog. My friends ordered Chaahan and Katsudon, but they also offer other Japanese food that you can try on. Sorry for the low quality pictures though.

The serving is pretty huge that can really fill your appetite! Katsudon is at Php 75. It is really affordable knowing that the serving size is quite huge.

The picture above is what I tried, as I can remember it is called "Chaahan". My memory is really bad, guess I have to take down notes next time. Anyway, it has mixed veggies and eggs. For some reasons it has quite similarities with Chaofan of Chowking. This dish cost me less than Php 50, but filled my big appetite! I commend this dish though.

I recommend visiting the place at 5 to 6 pm if you are planning to have a dinner here, since it is usually full at 7-8 pm onward. Anyway, I will surely come back to this place!

Budget: 50 and above

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