Mixtape: Nostalgic Nights vol 01

-or /mix-tape/ or /mix tape/compilation of music recorded in specific order
Welcome to my first mixtape! This mixtape is inspirational and music for the soul. I love to listen to this mixtape whenever I'm so lost and on the verge of giving up. Sometimes we tend to forget how to "live" because we are blinded by our daily activities. Sometimes we forgot that this borrowed life can be gone too soon, without us knowing. Some people don't even reach 20s or 30s. "If you're still breathing, you're the lucky ones (Young - Daughter)."

Nostalgic Nights

01. Heavenly Father by Bon Iver
02. Anchor of my soul by Josh Garrels
03. Young by Daughter
04. Blue Mind by Alexi Murdoch
05. Blindsided by Bon Iver
06. Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch
07. A long way by Josh Garrels
How about you? What are your current mixtape? Tell me your ideas if you've listened to these songs.

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