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www, (since August 6, 2016)

I finally got my own domain: with the help of my closest blogger friend Kevin. It would be my pleasure of you'll visit his site. This domain was born on August 6, 2016. He suggested to get my own domain, but didn't really thought about it thoroughly because I don't think I deserve it. Like, I don't earn monetary amount from this blog. I made this for purely personal purposes, which is venting out. But somehow, deep inside me, I always knew that I want one. I told him to give me one as a graduation gift. I was joking that time but he really did  gave it to me way too advanced. From then on, I was inspired to write more and to take care of this blog. This blog and I has been through so much for more than five years, though I've deleted some of my entries. 

I tried once transffered at WordPress but just lasted for quite sometime. I'll always miss how flexible blogger's templates are. This blog is like a home to me, my alternate world. Maybe I just cant give it up so I'm staying with it. I am still overwhelmed with my own name as the my domain name. At first, I found it too narcissist, but I cant find any descriptive words. I also thought what if people might be confused with the spelling of my name since some of them mistakenly write Allisa, Allysa or Alysa instead of Alyssa.

So I'll just end here. I just wondering if some bloggers have the same issues like with with regards of their domain or url name. Comment below if you have, I'd be glad to know that I'm not the only one in this. Have a nice day!

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