Baking Workshop at The Philippine Baking Institute (PBI)

Some of the basic ingredients for baking

I am a food technologist and I have some background with the science behind baking. Though I don't really bake at home, baking is one of the things skills I badly want to develop. Luckily, Philippine Baking Institute (PBI) invited us for a 1-day bread and pastry workshop. I was excited of course since this will be an opportunity for me to broaden my knowledge about such things.


Pineapple tart
I never thought making tarts and brownies are not that complicated at all!

We baked Pan desal, loaf bread and sweet dough. We also made butterscotch, brownies and pineapple tart. As I expected, I did enjoyed it so much. The instructors are also respected able, nice and approachable. The equipment are new and there's so much to try on. It was all worth it.

I also realized that baking breads needs more effort than pastries. 

This is how it looks on the inside.

I was thinking of enrolling for a baking class and expanding my skills in this area. It might be helpful in the future, who knows! 

Source: PBI Facebook Page

Philippine Baking Institute
Ecoland Drive, Davao City
Contact numbers: (082) 286-8552, 09176847538, 09229145293
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  1. looks delicious. I'm also thinking to sign up for a cooking class this summer

  2. This looks very very interesting. Would love to do something like this as well. I suck at baking.

  3. Looks delicious! I'll be sharing this with my friend who's fond of baking. Thanks for the info. :)


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