Hippy and Groovy.

(Pictures taken March 21, 2016)

Hippy, Happy and Groovy
by: Lysa (3/23/16)

I raise my hands and felt the breeze
While eyes were closed, I let my knees
Feel the fields of dandelion
With gazing celestial Orion

Flying and flying up above
With the massive flock of white dove
Blue and green, colors that surround
As the peeping sun was now crowned

Life as it is, and I shall flee
But if you must really know me
Groovy, as I recalled my name
Free-spirit, hippie and a dame

I suddenly missed writing poems, and here it goes! I was inspired to write this because these days, I've realized that I'm hippy (minus the flowers on my head and some addictive drug). But yeah, it feels like the society is dragging me down and killing the insides of my being. The troubles of my life as a student, is draining my energy. I don't know how to describe it in words, but what I know is that I'm making memories and I have to be strong.

How about you? How is the soul inside you?

Music of the day: The Rip by Beirut (I'm really into indie music and if you are too, you have to check this out)

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