Celebrating Christmas with Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk

Celebrating Christmas with Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk

Tis’ the season to be jolly! It’s December again and people are dancing and singing! Can’t wait to share you my new favorite addiction! Since it’s the time of joyful celebration, I’m also enjoying my cravings with sweets and something nice. Lately, I’ve been into chocolates and been eating different kinds of chocolates – sweet, too sweet, bitter and mildly bitter. I’ve decided to try a different product- chocolate milk drink, to be different. I have a sweet tooth and I can't deny it! 

I drink it in the morning, when reading a book, in the afternoon and all day! It is thick (low viscosity) and creamy. Why wouldn't I be addicted if it isn't, right? I prefer drinking it when its cold. It is made from Jolly cow’s 100% pure cow’s milk with 2.6% butterfat and it is made from real cocoa no vegetable fats (palm, coconut or corn oil) were used. Aside from ultra-heat treated, it is also FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) approved

Jolly Cow Fresh Milk 1 liter and 200 ml size is available in leading supermarkets, and groceries nationwide. For more updates, visit and like its official Facebook fan page:

Have a blissful Christmas!


#RoadToSablay ; After Defense

#RoadToSablay ; After Defense
College of Science and Mathematics, UP Mindanao.

For those of you who are following this blog for sometime, you may probably know that I am currently working on my thesis. I've been waiting for this for ages and here it goes! I just passed the defense! Honestly, the week before the defense were exhausting, anxious and depressed. I don't know but everyone may never be that ready to defend their thesis. There is always that feeling of being "not enough". I didn't even expected to be able to defend on the last day of the defense because of the fact that I think I'll never make it through. I was so stuck with my thesis for some time and there's no backward or forward. It's not so good to be so unproductive at all, while everyone are working and moving on with their lives. I can't help myself but to be jealous of them because I could be one of them too. Never in my life had the thought of being here in my current situation.

I asked myself too many questions that I'm too desperate to answer. Whenever I feel the tension and pressure building, I always try to find peace with the Almighty. He sends someone, somebody to help me and work out my thesis. There are things that I encountered, along with my thesis journey, that seemed to be impossible for my human mind to find an escape. But the Almighty has done all the miracles. He has blessed me with smart and supportive college friends. I am especially thankful to my lab partner who always pushed to the limits. Whenever I feel like giving up, I refueled with my amazement of his drive to continue and reach the goal. 

God sends his angels to keep us on achieving our goals. The day before the defense, I've decided to offer the day to the Almighty. I lay my burdens at his very feet and surrendered everything. I attended the mass with my close friend and went to the mall to buy something. We had a dinner and chitchat for a while. I was calmer and secured.

Rm 105

With my college close friends (JP and Shiela)

No amount of happiness can measure this moment.
To tell you the truth, I am really just nothing. There's nothing in me to be boastful about, since this achievement is not solely my effort. I would like to thank the people who were with me since Day 01. This is for you people,

I still have a long way to run for these to be bidden but I'm on my way to my Sablay!

The things you don't know about my thesis

The things you don't know about my thesis

To those of you who are wondering what I do for thesis, this post will fill up your curiosity. I took up BS Food Technology. Though we barely cook, we are taught how to process food to extend their shelf life. We learned the science behind food. It's a complicated course that composes of chemistry, biology and food science.

I, with the help of my adviser and panelists, developed a fermented sausage with the use of starter culture from Nipa (Nypa fruticans). Nipa is indigenous in the Philippines and new researches has been found out that it underutilized. Starter culture assists the fermentation process. For the starter culture, I used lactic acid bacteria, which is also found in yogurts. To start with, I make the product (the processing part) and then subject it to testing namely biological and chemical. I spend most of the time at the laboratory. It is like my second home though I don't like it to be there. The refrigerator in our laboratory is not your ordinary ref. Instead of food, it contains bacteria, agar and other microbiology related things. We grow bacteria at the laboratory and test them. It sometimes amazes me that this world has almost everything, from the tiniest living things such as microorganisms to gigantic animals. It makes me learn and appreciate life more. These microorganisms are so busy, just like people. They exist everywhere, even in your skin. The world of these tiny creatures is fascinating, especially when I look at the microscope. I just cant make myself believe that these are also living things that can't be seen. They are there but you can't see them, like the wind. Sometimes it's frustrating to manipulate them, to control them. They are so sensitive that a little difference may affect the results of my thesis.

OIO- A view from the Microscope after Gram Staining
The picture above is a confirmatory test that I did after growing a colony of bacteria. I did a gram staining to check their morphology (form and structure of organism) to make sure that they are the kind of bacteria that I want to grow and count. It took me lot of trials just to get that kind of picture. Lots of trials and failures that I almost gave up.

OIO- A view from the Microscope after Gram Staining
Making this thesis is one of the biggest challenge I have ever encountered in my life. I started from scratch. I was so lost on the first weeks of doing it. The paper part is bloody. But the experimentation and the last parts, which is writing the final paper, are bloodier. I made a time frame that I should start at this day and finish on this day, but it was never followed. There were lots of lapses and unforeseen events. I did countless plating (growing microorganisms) and lots of failed tests. I tend up repeating the whole process until I have eliminated the errors and make sure that the errors are as low as possible.

Working in a laboratory as a student is never easy. It entails patience and courage. Patience because you can barely get good results on your first trial, due to the very reason that we're just humans, flawed and imperfect. Currently, I'm doing the final paper. Mind you, this step is the hardest. Searching for legit sources and reading loads of technical paper and researches, I'll gonna do this one step at a time. Just one more step and I'm done.


All About Watercolor and Koi Waterbrush Review

All About Watercolor and Koi Waterbrush Review

Hi there! this post will be all about my new hobby, the water color painting. I found this medium exciting and challenging. I was also inspired by some of my favorite artists whose medium is watercolor. Mind you, I'm just a noob in watercolor. I just want to share my "progress" and my experiences to other newbies. 

Watercolor art materials.
My basic water color art supply: Prang Watercolor (Php250), Canson watercolour paper (Php50) and watercolor in tubes. They were all bought at the NBS. On the other hand, Koi water brush (Php 195) was bought at Morning Light Art Gallery Shop. I also own some brush but forgotten to include at the picture.

Koi water brush (medium)
 This is my first water brush and I was astonished when I first used it. It's very handy and lightweight. It perfect when you do your artwork outdoors. The bristles are light when I first bought it but as I use it, I had observed that the colors tend to stick but don't worry it won't leak out. I think it's normal.

What's great about this is that the bristles are made of nylon and do not fall out easily. I think I'm in love with this water brush.

I also love the tube since it's quite long at 9ml. I can't even consume it entirely and I'll just cover it with the black lid.

Closer look
 As what I have noticed, the water tend to flow all throughout. I guess I can handle with it as I am still adjusting to water brush. For the quality, I can say that it's great for it's price. Haven't tried other water brush so I can't compare it with other brands. But for beginners like me, this is a great start. 

A diy color palette 
I just want to share with you my diy color palette. I just used an old make up for this and squeezed out the colors from the tube. It's handy dandy and travel size.

I shamelessly posted these pictures for your reference. I used prang watercolor and koi water brush here. 
trying out the water brush

trying out the water brush

trying out the water brush
I believe my works will improve in time! Thanks for reading! I will be doing reviews with prang water color and canson watercolor paper, so stay put! 

How about you readers, have you tried painting using watercolor before?


Deliver outstanding customer experience with the new PLDT BroGo

Deliver outstanding customer experience  with the new PLDT BroGo
Davao, 2016 – PLDT SME Nation, the market leader in providing top-grade business solutions tailor-fit to every entrepreneur’s need, introducesa brand new offering in its wireless broadband and solutions portfolio, BroGo. The first of its kind in the Philippines, BroGo is PLDT SME Nation’s newest bundle that not only offers mobile broadband connection, but also makes available a web-based prepaid loading portal that allows hotel guest internet connection even beyond the walls of the hotel.

As most travelers today carry a smartphone or tablet with mobile technology, PLDT SME Nation aims to enhance hospitality experience locally by introducing BroGo– every hotelier’s best investment to provide their guests access to mobile broadband connection. An exclusive bundle that comes with gadgets and mobile data connection devices, BroGo enables hotels to deliver reliable mobile Internet connectivity to their guests at an affordable price. 

“Technology has changed the way people travel, experience, and share travel experiences across the globe. Here in the Philippines, PLDT SME Nation recognizes this growing need from entrepreneurs in our hotel industry for a solution that enablesthem to cater to today’s on-the-go mobile consumers,” shares NephDenosta, AVP & Head of SME Nation Wireless Marketing. “With BroGo, Internet connectivity for hotel guests and travelers does not stop inside the premises of these establishments. They could easily continue to be looped in online and conveniently share their travel experiences with family and friends through easy-to-bring pocket WiFis and their mobile devices – fast and in real-time.”

BroGo comes an internet load portal with which hotel entrepreneurs can easily access and manage multiple prepaid sims and pocket WiFis that they can lend or rent out to their guests. “This new and relevant amenity-on-the-go provides reliable connectivity to make the most out of getaways fit for the mobile lifestyle of today’s consumers. As a result, hotels can attain up to 200% return of investment from their BroGo subscription,” adds Denosta. 

PLDT BroGo will be available starting September 2016.To know more about PLDT SME Nation, more of its products and activities, and what it has in store for the nation’s MSMEs, please visit or

Norde International brings latest in digital technology to Davao

Norde International brings latest in digital technology to Davao

Norde International Distributors finally set food in Davao. Their office which is located at 1&2, Right Wing, FRDC Complex, Davao Golf Club Road, Quimpo Blvd., Davao City was officially launched on September 14. Norde caters a broad array of industry segments on general commercial printing, publishing, sign and display, color management, finishing and fabrication. Norde similarly supports industries for labels, packaging, as well as direct-to-garment businesses. They also have 3D printing and scanning industry. Norde aims to provide businesses with end to end digital technology solutions.

World class Products
The 3D technology is making its presence and with Stratasys, Artec 3D, Lulzbot and Mcor. Norde can provide technical support to engineers and research development groups.

Expert Support Team
Norde prides itself in its support team who are experts in different areas of digital print technology, digital finishing, 3D printing, color management and workflow.

To now more about Norde and their product lineup, visit their website at or contact (632)435-4899


Discovering Lotus Biscoff

Discovering Lotus Biscoff

Every coffee needs a Lotus.
As far as I am concerned, I'm a student and often sleep late. I write reports, do researches, conduct experiments and so on. Sometimes, lunch is just an option, sometimes it is not an option though. With this, I always see to it that I have something to munch inside my bag. I can't really work productively with a grumbling stomach. As a lover of pastries and cookies, I want to try every new product that catches my attention. And then there comes Lotus Biscoff, I got a pack in our acquaintance party. They were one of the sponsors and gave each one of us a pack. How generous!



What I love about this biscuit is it doesn't have a sweet taste, rather creamy. This is really great since I can enjoy this with my friends who are not into sweets. It was my first time to taste it which eventually left a mark in my taste buds.It has left a good impression to me and didn't disappointed me. In fact, I might try their other products.

How to enjoy Lotus Biscoff?
  1. Pair it with tea. It's not that sweet thus it wont compete with the tea's aroma
  2. Can be used in making floats such as mango float
  3. Enjoy with coffee
  4. Can be eaten with ice cream for additional flavor
  5. Or Enjoy it alone!
You might wanna try it too! Who knows it may be your new favorite cookie!


Davao Digital Influencers Acquaintance Party and Grand Launching

Davao Digital Influencers Acquaintance Party and Grand Launching

Davao Digital Influencers. Photo by Glen Santillan 
I started blogging way back in 2009 as a hobby. It is my online diary which contains mostly rants about school, crushes and my day to day life. Back in those days, blogging is not that popular thus whenever I tell people that blogging is my hobby, they would often get confused. I had a number of blogs which was then deleted since it mostly contain nonsense stuff. It is really fun to write something and post online. I instantly become an author, which is my childhood dream. Back in the days, I never intended to upgrade my blog to next level. 

I became one of the first members of the Davao Digital Influencers. I met different people, not only bloggers but different personalities in the online world. This organization has opened my close world to a different perspective. Let me introduce you to this group. Davao Digital Influencers is an organization of bloggers, vloggers, micro bloggers and online influencers. It is a non-profit organization which is registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Founded on July 30, 2016, this organization has now over 40 official members. 

Last Friday, September 3, 2016, Davao Digital Influencers had an acquaintance party which was held at the Marco polo of Davao. Since it is a newly formed group, most of its members just had met for the first time. An introductory speech was made by Glen Santillan and followed by the message of Mayor Sarah Duterte which was read by Counselor Joan Bonguyan. 

Twinning with a fellow blogger(Julie). Photo by Julie Escudero

Jonas, Kevin and Me

To be acquainted which each other, a game was carried out which is called “Human Bingo”. It was really a funny game since you have to roam around and let people sign in a piece of paper. The first five who finished were given prices from Artisan Chocolate. There were raffles which involves exciting prices from generous sponsors. A game which is called trivia night was also conducted. Unfortunately, our group failed. But even though, we enjoyed playing the game and interacting with new people. It was really such a pleasure to socialize with this group of people. The food was also great! I love the wine and the cake, in which as I can recall was a tiramisu. I also went home with these goodies!

Thank you sponsors!
Sir Art Boncato, Asec for Department of Trade and Industry has given an inspirational message. I realized the important part we play as influencers. Without us knowing it, we influence people, their views and opinions. It is really important to be vigilant especially on what we post online. This has came to my senses especially on the bombing which happened last Friday (September 2, 2016), people were spreading rumors about the threats that are allegedly imposed by the bandits. I believe this has caused fears to the citizens. We have to filter on what we share online and we have to make sure that it is from the reliable sources.

Overall, the acquaintance party is successful. Kudos to the officers and to those who made this event possible. It was such a great honor for me to be a part of this respectable group.To do what you love and being given credit from it is the best feeling. I'm inspired to blog more and influence people in a good way. This is just a start of something new. Go #TeamDDI. 


4 Reasons Why I'm Excited to be Part of the #DDIBarkada

4 Reasons Why I'm Excited to be Part of the #DDIBarkada
Photo captured: August 2016

Digital Influence
- ability to create an effect, change opinions and behaviors, and drive measurable outcomes online.

Our digital generation has opened our eyes to the different perspectives that the world could offer. Photographs of the different destinations and stories of the different travelers has actually awakened our naturally wanderlust soul. It has brought us to different places and has opened our minds with regards to the world we live in. Grateful as we are, information travels as fast as the lightning. Compare to the old times, the power of influence becomes stronger and wider.

Davao Digital Influencers is a newly formed group whose mission is to "influence to create positive impact in our community". These are the 5 reasons why Why I'm Excited to be Part of the #DDIBarkada.

1. Spread the love. Davao is just one of the beautiful places in the Philippines that receives a number of discrimination. Blogging about how beautiful Davao is may create a good impact to the readers and may change their outlook regarding the city.

2. Establish friendship. What is more rewarding that meeting people of the same niche and interests? Bloggers are just one of the awesome people you'll ever meet!

3. Opportunity to learn. This is more into a personal aspect. Meeting people means new learning.

4. To influence. Do I need to say more of this?

Every human being can influence. Everyone can influence. But the question is, are you a good influence? 

“I hold that a strongly marked personality can influence descendants for generations.”
― Beatrix Potter

 We will be having our Acquiantance party today at the Marco Polo Davao. Here are the details.

Thank you to our generous sponsors for supporting Davao Digital Influencers, Inc

Platinum Sponsor

PLDT HOME is the country’s leading broadband and digital services provider that allows seamless, simultaneous streaming in all your devices at home. Enabling moments that bring your family closer together, PLDT HOME offers Fibr, DSL, Ultera and Telpad services. 

PLDT brings you the finest options when it comes to telecommunications solutions. Whether you need high-speed Internet connection, a landline or a combination of both, PLDT HOME has the right package for you.

Gold Sponsors

Coca-Cola FEMSA is the largest franchise bottler of Coca-Cola products in the world. The Company has 63 bottling facilities and serves more than 358 million consumers through more than 2,800,000 retailers and over 100,000 employees worldwide.

Locally, the Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines operates 19 plants and 53 sales offices and distribution centers across the country. It has operates two plants and one Distribution Center in Davao. The first plant was established in May 1950 and is located along MacArthur Highway. The second plant is located in Barangay Darong, Sta. Cruz. Collectively, both plants employ around 350 associates.

The Davao Digital Influencers Inc. is supported by Cebu Pacific, the largest airline operating flights to Davao. It offers seat sales that go as low as P599 all-in, and a network that spans Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Guam. It operates direct flights from Singapore, Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro and Zamboanga to Davao. Book now through or call 7020-888. The latest seat sales are also up on Cebu Pacific’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Smart brings together the Eraserheads to go all out for a new, complete prepaid offer: the ‪#‎SmartAllOutSurf 30

This is the first complete call, text and data offer for Prepaid! For P30, prepaid subscribers get 2 days of: 

  • 300MB data with FREE Facebook 
  • Unlimited text to all networks 
  • 30 minutes free calls to Smart, TNT and Sun

Silver and Bronze Sponsors



Mixtape: Nostalgic Nights vol 01

Mixtape: Nostalgic Nights vol 01
-or /mix-tape/ or /mix tape/compilation of music recorded in specific order
Welcome to my first mixtape! This mixtape is inspirational and music for the soul. I love to listen to this mixtape whenever I'm so lost and on the verge of giving up. Sometimes we tend to forget how to "live" because we are blinded by our daily activities. Sometimes we forgot that this borrowed life can be gone too soon, without us knowing. Some people don't even reach 20s or 30s. "If you're still breathing, you're the lucky ones (Young - Daughter)."

Nostalgic Nights

01. Heavenly Father by Bon Iver
02. Anchor of my soul by Josh Garrels
03. Young by Daughter
04. Blue Mind by Alexi Murdoch
05. Blindsided by Bon Iver
06. Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch
07. A long way by Josh Garrels
How about you? What are your current mixtape? Tell me your ideas if you've listened to these songs.


Chef Donita Rose shares her Jolly Heart Mate recipes at the 31st Kadayawan Festival

Chef Donita Rose shares her Jolly Heart Mate recipes at the 31st Kadayawan Festival

(Davao City, Philippines) – The rewarding experience of sharing a feast is just one of the many perks of cooking especially for Filipinos, and Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil ambassador Chef Donita Rose happily shares her passion in cooking at the first leg of her Regional Festival Tour, Davao’s Kadayawan Festival.

Kadayawan Festival, being the city’s biggest annual party, is a week-long celebration in which the entire city transforms into a colorful place with people celebrating in the streets. The festival’s 31st anniversary could cannot be any bigger, with Chef Donita sharing her satisfying recipes that are all a perfect fit for the fiesta gathering.

The celebrity chef is set to do a series of promotional cooking demo mall shows. Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil had its festival tour at Gaisano Mall last August 20, 4PM; in this event Chef Donita has shown a unique signature dish using her cooking techniques and unique ingredients fresh from Davao.

“Filipinos, especially the Davaoeños, really love to eat particularly during the Kadayawan, our culture is practically centered on food which brings families closer, so we should also be aware of how we prepare the food and what ingredients we use for the dishes that we serve,” said Donita.

With the thanksgiving festival of Davao showcasing their bountiful harvest of fruits, vegetables, livestock and poultry seafood, Chef Donita wants to help Davaoeños to prepare delicious dishes using their harvest, but making it heart healthy with the use of Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil.

“We must always be conscious that the ingredients we use should be good for the heart, like Jolly Heart Mate Canola oil which contains the lowest amount of bad fats (saturated fats) but packs in the good kind like omega 3 and 6 that are good for the heart,” Donita shared.

Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil also contains Vitamin A and has a pale golden color, light texture, and neutral taste that makes it good for all kinds of cooking. Aside from being versatile, it also has one of the highest smoking points which make it very ideal for frying.

Chef Donita Rose notes that the preparation and the ingredients we use in the cooking process makes a difference. These tips she plans to share makes any simple dish more flavorful, or any sinful dish a lot more heart-healthy.
“We are very happy that Donita continues to be the brand ambassador of Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil; she easily connects well with her audience given her lively personality. Her passion for cooking can be easily seen, and we believe that she can inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle by using a healthy oil like Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil in all the dishes we cook at home and especially in festivals such as the Kadayawan,” added Zen Prudentino, Fly Ace Corporation Senior Product Manager for Jolly Heart Mate Canola oil.

After the Kadayawan Festival, Donita is scheduled to have a stopover in Naga next month for the Peñafrancia Festival as part of her nationwide festival tour. For more information on Chef Donita’s Festival Tour with Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil, visit their facebook page on


Review: Red Corner, Ecoland Davao City

Review: Red Corner, Ecoland Davao City
Red Corner, Tulip Drive
Along the street of Tulip Drive is where another branch of Red Corner situated. Curious as we are, my friend and I tried this store. I've been hearing few compliments about this store and it's time to finally prove it! We went there at 3pm and there were only two customers. The ambiance is good. They have a flat screen tv which plays Game of Trones when we got there.

"Pacman" for Php 165
I tried the "Pacman" burger. Of course it is named after Manny Pacquiao. It is topped with cheese sauce, caramelized onion, sauteed mushrooms and honey-cured bacon. In short, yummy saturated fats. But who cares? It's bacon and burger.

The burger is served in a wooden chopping board with paper. The only problem that I encountered is that sometimes the the burger sticks in the paper. They could just get rid of the paper though.

"Pacman"- closer look
This new branch is just a few steps away from the Buffet Palace located in Matina, It's a 5 minute walk from the main road. I'll definitely go back to this place and try their other burgers. 

Lamps are love

Thanks for reading! How about you? What's your favorite burger store?


Young Davaoenos get a chance to join world-class football camps in Malaysia, Europe via Astro, Globe tie up

Young Davaoenos get a chance to join world-class football camps in Malaysia, Europe via Astro, Globe tie up

About 300 children aged 10-12 from Davao City and nearby provinces will vie for a chance to join world-class football camps in Malaysia and possibly, Europe this year for free as part of the tie-up between Astro Malaysia and Globe Telecom.

The top eight players from the Davao leg will be competing against talented athletes from Iloilo, Negros Occidental, and Manila for 12 slots in the Astro Kem Bola Advanced Training Programme in Kuala Lumpur next month together with their counterparts from Singapore and Malaysia. The best players from the advanced camp will then fly to Europe for two weeks of professional football training in December 2016.

“The Astro Kem Bola programme aims to provide a comprehensive learning and football development experience. Through it, we have seen talented kids grow into well-rounded athletes playing in the Malaysian national youth team on an international platform. We are privileged to be able to play a role in their development and look forward to do the same for the youth of Philippines and other ASEAN countries,” said Datuk David Michael Yap, Vice President of Community Affairs, Astro. The Malaysian media and entertainment powerhouse network, likewise, introduced recently to Globe customers the latest in live sports such as e-games and the newest Asian shows via over-the-top (OTT) provider Tribe. 

“We are proud that Astro has chosen TM Football Para sa Bayan as a venue to discover talented kids who would be given an opportunity to further harness their craft and bring them closer to their dreams. Through our sports advocacy, we hope to forge similar partnerships with other like-minded organizations to help uplift the lives of the youth especially those from the marginalized sector and provide them with a platform to showcase their talents,” said Fernando Esguerra, Globe Director for Citizenship.

(L to R) Fernando Esguerra Jr (Globe Citizenship Director) ; Hans Peter Smit (Green Archers United -GAU-Technical Director); Chieffy Caligdong (GAU Playing coach/Head Coach under 14 National Team); and Monchu Garcia (GAU Team Manager)

Ray Guinoo, TM Portfolio and Brand Head added: “TM, being a brand for the youth, is always after the development of our young people. One of the ways to do this is through TM Football Para sa Bayan. We are using the power of sports to instil in the youth the importance of possessing the right attitude, good values, and a good education. Hopefully, through the sports communities and the tie up with Astro, we can create more opportunities for the kids across the country.

 ”The TM Football Para sa Bayan clinics are being handled by Green Archers United (GAU), a professional football league which has been Globe Telecom’s implementing partner in developing the football grassroots program in the last three years.

To show that Astro and Globe/TM are looking for more than just exceptional football skills, the kids will also be selected based on teamwork; discipline, behaviour and sportsmanship; communication on and off the pitch; positive attitude towards teammates, volunteers, and coaches; ability to listen to instructions; and good personality. 

The football clinics are open to all street football communities, underprivileged kids, varsity players from public and private schools, and private football clubs. Interested participants may register by sending their complete name, birth date, contact number to [email protected] or calling Deeg Rodriguez at +639178843334.

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