Altered Book Project (DIY)

Altered Book Project (DIY)
I was so fond of art since I was a child. I love to scribble and draw random things at the back of my notebook. I used to do lots of scrap books when I was in high school as a part of our project, but this was stopped when I reached college. Unfortunately, my course is very scientific and has prohibited my artsy mind.

We used to paint with acrylic back in our art class in high school, but I never appreciated it. I find it difficult. I often end up with wasting it. A few months ago I tried to venture the world of watercolor until I have came up with the idea of doing an altered book project. Anyway, it's an just old book from a thrift store and I used some tissue, dried leaves, lace and buttons to revamp and come up with this cute book. 

My DIY altered book
Here a sneak peek of one of my journal entries. I used watercolor for the background and Sharpie marker.

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10 Days Before Christmas

10 Days Before Christmas

It definitely is Christmas. Christmas trees are everywhere, lights, decorations, gifts and music. This is just the best time of the year! Though we don't have a white Christmas, since its tropical here and its very humid, the Christmas spirit is everywhere. The picture above was caught in the San Pedro Street of our city. Everybody seems to be having fun. People are everywhere. Children are caroling. Malls and the streets seemed to be really very busy too. The queue to the cashier is longer, bazaars and "midnight sales" are everywhere. It's really fun to visit downtown during these times. 

What makes Christmas special is that it is only celebrated once in a year. That Christmas spirit is very evident every December. Knowing that Christmas is not celebrated everyday makes it special. It's just so lovely to see smiles in people's faces. It makes me feel happy knowing that this season is something we all have in common. That despite of the differences, we have that common ground, that common denominator.

Great Giant Clock in front of the Cathedral

I admit that I used to associate Christmas with shopping and gifts. That fact makes me look forward for Christmas. I also admit that I spend more money and more time shopping and buying not so relevant things. It's just so ironic to see hungry street people everywhere, while here I am getting fatter for the season. I guess, aside from being the season of giving, it is also a season of thanksgiving. Giving thanks to Him who provided everything- the food we eat, water we drink and air we breathe. It is a time of the year where one should look back on the whole year's events. That after everything else- good and bad times- here you are standing and still breathing. That after all, you are breathing, you are still alive. And being alive means hope. A hope for your situation, a hope for something better to come.

This period is also the best since it is both the ending and the start of something new. It's an overlap. No matter what your situation is, make it festive in your own way. Start to appreciate life more, in that way you'll add more life to your days.

People are everywhere!
I'm really excited and happy. I just had a Christmas party with my fellow bloggers, meet up with my college friends and will be having a reunion with my high school buddies. I'm also expecting two family reunions from the both side of my parents. Sounds fun isn't? Too excited for it. I'm planning to be do more paintings, calligraphy lessons, guitar percussion lessons and books to read. I might be doing a book review soon.

How about you readers? How do you spend your Christmas?


Living through Differences;

Living through Differences;

We encounter different kinds of people in our life. I do believe that everyone of us has a certain role to play in this world. We meet people of different personalities, backgrounds, beliefs and outlooks in life. With that, people whose personalities are opposites clash and it cannot be avoided. It's like positive and negative poles, they always repel each other. I try to appreciate people of different types, but most of the time, they do not return the favor. There are people who do not like me for whatever reason. I'm not perfect, nobody is. Maybe they just don't like me. It's hard to understand the list of reasons of why they don't like me. It's more complicated if I'll try to persuade them to at least appreciate me. I'm a peace lover and an idealistic one, so that fact saddens me. My thought of having a kind and loving world is just too far from reality.

As possible, I try to fix the turbulence of the situation and sometimes, it leads me to frustration. I became frustrated of trying to fix the circumstance. I think I just have to learn how to live my life with disorder. I guess it's a part of life that I'm still having troubles of adapting. It's hard to understand why people do not like for who you are. It's me. If you are bothered or annoyed with my presence, then there's nothing I can do about it. I'm just trying to be the best version of myself. If I didn't passed your standards, so be it, I have my own standards. 

I still have troubles of interacting with these kinds of people. Like, how to start a conversation without sounding awkward (though it's really awkward) and the required interaction with them. But who am I to judge? I'll still try my best to be nice to them and treat them right. I know this post is cliche but I think it's important to learn how to deal with these people. Sometimes this topic is overseen by many of us, not realizing that sometimes it's the cause of hatred and conflicts. Maybe we just need to learn how to accept people the way they are. If they hate you, accept it. It's all about the acceptance of the differences. Hard isn't? But I can't think of any easier way to live peacefully and happily. 

Anyway, I am currently reading Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare. Will update soon! How about you readers? How do you react when you encounter people who doesn't like you?

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