All that exists.

All that exists.

This is my life lately in pictures. I feel creative for whatever reason. I feel the need to write some ideas away. It keeps on haunting me and following me wherever I go. I keep on thinking about life. Well, it is a cycle right? Humans are social beings and always has that feeling of needing for a companion. I guess finding our special someone is intertwined in our DNA. We were made that way.

For starters, passing our DNA to our children is one of the basic instincts of humanity which is needed for survival. Of course, almost everyone has that kind of mindset. This goes from generations to generations, that is why we still existed. We were born in this world and were taken care of our guardians. We grew, went to school, studied Mathematics and Science, went to prom, fell in love, met our friends, watched movies, went to office, and watched the sunset. We did so much things that made us happy, sad, excited, and disappointed and felt every emotions.

We studied so hard in order for us to have a “decent” job. We work so hard to earn money, to feed ourselves, to be able to do a lot of things like travelling and so on. But one day, when our mission has reached the end, we suddenly vanish from this world. You’ll be like a wind that whispers in the trees. Perhaps, you’ll be one of the stars shining so bright in sky. But, who knows?The fact is, you’ll just be a memory one day. You’ll just be in pictures from the old dusty album. People will soon forget about you, especially when they are busy living their lives. 

Now, do you think life is meaningless? Not in a way that it is no good. I mean what do we live and die for? Do we live for the moment and live our lives as best as it can be or do things that can affect other temporary lives too? My point is, everything is just temporary. Are we made to do temporary things? Does our existence stops there?

These things haunts me. I cant have a peace of mind right now. I can't even start my thesis because of this. Well, at least I spilled it out in a page.

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