Mystical Rose

Mystical Rose

I recently made a banner that didn't matched my current layout. I tried it on but realized it doesn't look good and so I guess I'll just be posting this here so that my effort wouldn't be put to waste. Well, we always have that one moment where our efforts are useless. It's a part of life I guess because no matter how hard you try, there will be some things that you have no power of. I mean such as the reactions of other people to you.

Anyway, my Japanese class has inspired me so much, though this class is a language class, I get to know more about people from the other place, specifically Japan. It amazes me how people have different interpretations in the world. It was really a challenge because we (students) have to memorize for about 100 characters and more for both Katakana and Hiragana. Most of the times I'm confused which is Katakana and which is Hiragana. It's really a funny class. Learning a new language is like learning the lives of other people. You get to know their customs. It's really nice.

I'm on my fifth year in college and currently working on my thesis. I'm into the product development. By the way my course is BS Food Technology, which is more technical than it sounds. My thesis has something to do with lactic acid bacteria and making the most of it so that it will be beneficial for humanity (sounds dramatic). The possibilities of finishing it late is high since this research is tremendous. But personally, I want to graduate and achieving more than a diploma. This research could be a stepping stone for future developments. Whatever happens, I'll be grateful because what I'll be doing is not just existing and graduating, I'll be one of those happy people who contribute to the changes in the world. I'm not exaggerating things, well you know every big things started with small things. And so with this, I was inspired by the banner and so I made this crappy poem.

Mystical Rose (8/29/15) By: Lysa

Misty rose as it bloom
In its glory, one must not assume
To think its weak 'coz you may be wrong
For this delicate thing is so strong.

Survival is surely not a joke
Often times, you will surely be broke
Keep your heads up and face the sun
Just like what the little rose has done.

 For it dances in the call of the wind
It sways along the tree of tamarind
Remember this if you smell a rosy perfume
Because its the misty rose as it bloom

Haha Viola! I made it. It's been ages since I made a poem. May this crappy poem inspire you in such ways. I was wondering what can you picture out upon reading the poem? What are your reactions? Are you also a fan of poem/literature?


Wishlist for August

Wishlist for August

Hey guys! What a lovely August I have here. On my past post, I shared my experience with regards to my Japanese classes. I'm improving day by day and I almost memorize the Hiragana characters! Also, I'm so excited and nervous for the upcoming defense for my thesis. I am a graduating student and so I guess all the pressure is in me! Well, these days, I am crazy about purses. I guess they are really handy because they contain the valuable things you need to live, especially for the girls. It contains everything- money, id, receipts and make-ups. Having a nice purse will really save your day and it should be included in your day to day fashion! 

The following shows the visual glossary of purse. I got it from The Hand Bag and I guess it's pretty helpful. 

Picture from The Hand Bag

Since we are talking about purses, I would like to present you my wishlist for the month of August. The following bags are simple yet classy. I love neutral colors and these purses suit my taste well.
Photo credits here 

Photo credits here

Speaking of clutches, I find them adorable and really cute. While viewing some online shops, I was stumbled in a shop named Zalora. ZALORA offers a wide selection of stylish clutches. The picture below captured my eyes, since it's neutral in color, it would not be difficult to pair it with other colors.
Photo credits here

I think I really love neutral colors. How about you? What are your wish list for the month of August?


Japanese class.

Japanese class.
Solitude. A painting made by me. Inspired by The Little Prince/ Media Used: Watercolor

 Ohayou Minnasan! Hajimemashite! What a pleasant surprise! I'm back and I haven't shared my OJT (internship) experience with you. I kind of feeling so lazy lately but hopefully next week my mood to write will be back. But before everything else, I've been loving to paint lately, as you can see on the picture above. The Little Prince is actually one of my favorite books, I highly recommend to you. I love its philosophical views about things and would make you question lots of things. And as for the painting, I just started painting last March and I'm loving it. Yeah It's not that attractive though but it's an achievement for me! (Hurray!)

Anyway, back to the topic, I'm currently taking Japanese classes. It's fun but you really have to give extra effort to memorize TONS of characters. I'm on Hiragana and still struggling to remember 25 Japanese characters to my brain. Well, most of the time, they look nonsense to me, like for a beginner like me, who doesn't? There are a lot of time that I feel so lost during the discussions and I feel so dumb. It's actually not in our curriculum but I have that feeling that this could be handy in the future. Don't worry I'll be sharing with you my experience along the way. I'm so excited and nervous (who wouldn't be?). Our textbook will be in Japanese and that could give me a nosebleed. Oh I wish I know how to deal with this. I'll start my thesis soon and I am not sure if I could focus on this interesting class. It's really hard, but it's fun to learn a new language. I may read a real manga in Japanese without translation in the future! haha. Though things may seem impossible, just continue what you are doing and believe in yourself. Have a positive outlook in life!

How about you? How are you lately?
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