Unlearning to Learn.

Unlearning to Learn.

Hello readers! I just turned 20 last week and I feel great! It feels great to be 20. Well yeah, it also feels good to be a teenager. It’s just sad to say that I am no longer a “teenager” as what my age dictates, but I am pretty sure that I still look  like one. I spent my birthday with few of my closest friends; they are actually my high school friends which I have created a strong bond with. I treat them out to somewhere and ate some pizza. It’s actually my first time to treat my friends out in my birthday while spending my own money! Oh yeah, I’m not really the kind of person who treats their friends in their birthdays. Maybe spending money is just not my thing or something. But yeah! I deviate in my birthday and spent some money. Well I guess it’s not bad to spend money for happiness. I think it’s quite fun, especially that I am with the people whom I love most. They are not the best people in the world but they are the ones who love me and would never judge me. I was touched by the people who heartedly greeted me because only few people remembered it since I did not put my birth date public in facebook. 

One of my best friends gave a sweet gift, a balloon, a sweet marshmallow and a thing that has “you are special” on it and I was really touched. In addition, my birthday was extra special because something happened just a day before that. I realized a lot of things because a friend of mine shared something about God and I was enlightened by his love. You know, I was fed by his spiritual love and it feels different. I felt light and happy in my birthday.

My birthday realizations...
There are a lot of realizations that I made in my 20 years of existence. You know some deep thoughts about anything in and out of this world. I learned the other week that in order to learn, you must learn to unlearn things. Unlearning to Learn. That is the idea! It may sound silly but it’s really witty. As we can see, our lives become a routine. We go to school, eat our lunch, go to classes then go home. It’s a cycle and we do it because we need it. We need to pass or we need to have a salary. In that way, life becomes monotonous. It becomes uninteresting and boring, which is very different from a child’s point of view of the world. Children are always amazed by everything. They are amazed by how the sky is blue, why the dogs bark, why the trees are green and so on. They are amazed by the simple things in life like how the birds fly. Those things are silly in an adult’s mind.

In a point of view of an alien, our world is interesting simply because it’s different from their own perspective. In that way, they will learn a lot just by observing and gain new knowledge and a new perspective from the environment. That is how we are supposed to look at our world. We need to defamiliarize. If we defamiliarize ourselves that the sky is blue, then we will see a new picture, a new perspective. We way we see our world is different from the way an alien sees it. We become unbiased with our thoughts and become open for new ideas. In this way, you’ll learn how to appreciate life and understand life more. It is something that is needed to be developed but it is often the most neglected.

A sad reality in these days is that the essential things are often forgotten because people tend to focus more on their wants, rather than their needs. People tend to be shallow when we talk about life. They have forgotten the art of life and how it goes.


A movie Review: Mr. Nobody

A movie Review: Mr. Nobody

“What was there before the big bang? Well, you see, there was no before because before the big bang, time did not exist. Time is a result of the expansion of the universe itself. But what will happen when the universe has finished expanding?”- Adult Nemo

Have you ever tried questioning your existence? How sure are you that you really exist? We describe reality as what we perceived by our senses. Other than that, we regarded them as imagination or just mere ideas. But, how sure are we that there is only one reality? What if the reality that we were living is just a dream or an imagination? What if there was another dimension of the world other than the world that is known to us? What could have happened? What could have happened if you chose to be early for school or if you chose to be late? What could have happened if you did that instead of this? Life is full of choices and not making a choice is our choice.

Mr. Nobody will make you ask yourself this kind of questions. This movie is very inspirational that could make your mind wander in the depths of your imaginations. In this movie, Nemo tries to remember his past, his memories when he was still a little boy. As he goes through the remembering process, his listeners become confused of what really had happened. He begins to tell his story that when his parents separated, he chose his mother and then the story of his life continuous. On the other hand, he also tells a story of what happened to his life when he chose his father. It is like he lived in these different worlds and each world is different from one another. He lived in the two sides of the stories and that makes the movie very interesting! 

Here are some inspirational quotes from this movie:
Nemo age 9: You have to make the right choice. As long as you don't choose, everything remains possible.
Nemo Nobody aged 118: Every path is the right path. Everything could've been anything else. And it would have just as much meaning.
The child could not make a choice because he did not know what would happen, but now that he knows what will happen, he can not make a choice.
Young journalist: Everything you say is contradictory. You can't have been in one place and another at the same time. Of all those lives, which one is the right one? Nemo Nobody aged 118: Each of these lives is the right one! Every path is the right path. Everything could have been anything else and it would have just as much meaning.
At my age the candles cost more than the cake. I'm not afraid of dying. I'm afraid I haven't been alive enough. It should be written on every school room blackboard: Life is a playground - or nothing.

I love their playlist, especially the songs entitled "Mr. Sandman by The Chordettes" and "Buddy Holly - Everyday". I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is interested with philosophical questions and to those who wants to make their mind wander! Definitely another movie to include in my favorite list. Now readers, give me your comment/feedback :)
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