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Backreads from 2014.

Backreads from 2014.

December Blissfulness
Hi readers! I will begin this year by reminiscing the moments that had the greatest impact to me last 2014. Well, 2014 was a blast. I never thought that my addiction to music would help me meet some of the famous pinoy performers. I was greatly inspired by them and so I am taking little steps to improve myself and my band. Next, I never ever thought that my blogging career would boom this year. My once just an escape became a stepping stone to something beautiful. I am now being invited to different events such as food tasting, press conference, product launching and a lot more that has something to do with the media. With that, I had the opportunity to meet new faces with the same interests ( this is where I met #3J) and to experience something new.

February- I was one of the lucky participants of the Colgate Fresh Jam where I met some of the famous and renowned artists in the Philippine music industry as of today. I met Eunice, Mong Alcaraz, Miggy Chavez, Kean and Abra. Well, until now, I still can't believe that I became a part of that experience. It's mind blowing!

Here a picture of me with the whole cast. #TeamMong

March- I discovered Davao Bloggers and had my first event at the Max's. I was so amused meeting people from the same place with the same interests! Well my first experience with them is memorable because they are so kind and approachable. I was hesistant at first to join this event because I never had this experience before (to be invited to a blogger's night), and I was afraid. Well, if I didn't had the guts to join the event, if I didn't told myself that "I can do it", maybe everything would be different and I could be less happier.

I never thought my life would be this oh-so-good. I also met new friends. Also, because of Davao bloggers, I have the inspiration to keep on blogging.

Photo from the Davao bloggers page

April- This was the start of my four-months vacation, thanks to the calendar shift. Our agony as students will be prolonged! April 22- when I started Taekwondo but stopped at August.

August- I met the #3J (Jonas and Kevin). I never thought that I'll be this close to them because they are my first friends which didn't came from the same school. We all have random personalities but clicked in. They are my blogger friends and they are seriously crazy. They love serious jokes! Also, I spent kadayawan in Streets after years! I cant even remember when was that thanks to these two fellas who has a blast with me.

Photo by Jonas

This is also the start of our classes. Hmmm, nothing special about that.

September- Event at Tagum. Visited Banana Beach Resort and Lanikai.

October- Two of my closest friends namely Lea and Carl had their birthdays celebrate with us (Yowmehn Republic - this is what we label our group). Lea's birthday celebration was at Yakimix, while Carl's at Vikings. Lucky me! It was my first time to try those restaurants.

This is also the month when our band, Insta, first played at the UP ground. We covered Pompeii and I forgot the other one. That is just one of the best moments though there's still a big room for improvement. See my last post here.

December- Had two family reunions and some reunion with friends. Got presents from my friends and family. 

To wrap up everything, I would like to thank everyone who became a part of my year, special mention to the Yowmehn Republic (plus Carl)- Jaiza, Lea, Massy and Kath and also, to #3J (my newly formed group) Jonas and Kevin. To my college pals ( Eunz, JP, Shiela, Angela and more), especially to Ange who was with me through thick and thin. To my bandmates, who never failed to believe in me. To the Davao Bloggers which welcomed me warmly. To my supportive and loving family, thank you for being my inspiration. To my dogs who loves to lick me and tickle me.

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