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Hey guys! What a lovely August I have here. On my past post, I shared my experience with regards to my Japanese classes. I'm improving day by day and I almost memorize the Hiragana characters! Also, I'm so excited and nervous for the upcoming defense for my thesis. I am a graduating student and so I guess all the pressure is in me! Well, these days, I am crazy about purses. I guess they are really handy because they contain the valuable things you need to live, especially for the girls. It contains everything- money, id, receipts and make-ups. Having a nice purse will really save your day and it should be included in your day to day fashion! 

The following shows the visual glossary of purse. I got it from The Hand Bag and I guess it's pretty helpful. 

Picture from The Hand Bag

Since we are talking about purses, I would like to present you my wishlist for the month of August. The following bags are simple yet classy. I love neutral colors and these purses suit my taste well.
Photo credits here 

Photo credits here

Speaking of clutches, I find them adorable and really cute. While viewing some online shops, I was stumbled in a shop named Zalora. ZALORA offers a wide selection of stylish clutches. The picture below captured my eyes, since it's neutral in color, it would not be difficult to pair it with other colors.
Photo credits here

I think I really love neutral colors. How about you? What are your wish list for the month of August?

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