Who am I?

I've been spending my life for so long in this world. I've been to places that I never thought I would visit. I've met hundreds and thousands of people. I get to interact with people having different personalities and perspective in life. I thought I knew everything, until somebody asked me, Who are you? If I am to ask you, what would you answer? It's pretty basic. You would state your name, age and where you live. But, who are you really?

It's not really not that easy to tell someone who you are. You just don't know where to start. Most of the times, we just say what we think is essential. We ignore those things that really matter. Well, that's how we live these days. In this fast faced world, we often sacrifice a lot of important things because we tend to focus on a something that we forgot to look at other things. We only have this 24 hours per day and most of the time, we spend it working or studying. We are like robots that everything has to be scheduled. Can't we just go back to the old days where things are a lot simple? In order to live, we have to work hard to earn money to be rich. But, we forgot the quality of our lives, and we forgot the things that matters the most. We are blinded by money and riches. We forgot what we really need. Our lives are routine, that sometimes you would forgot who you were before when you were still a child. As a child, everything is simple. As a child, happiness is just simple.

In this generation, "selfies" is trending in social media. We focus more in ourselves, but what if I am to ask you, "Who are you?". Do you really know yourself? This is the kind of question that I love to ponder upon, because sometimes the answer is the question itself. 

How about you readers? Who are you?


  1. This left me really hanging asking myself who i really am, who am i? "Our lives are routine", true this! We sometimes tend to repeat those things we usually do just for the sake of doing it without even thinking there are priorities we need to do at a certain point of our lives.

  2. Speechless. Who am I? Would you mind if I made a post with this title din? Mahina ako sa ganito. I need to think for days before I could answer. Parang pang pageant lang eh no xD

  3. Hi Shayn! Haha I know right? I don't mind really. I'm glad that you had the same reaction too. I've been contemplating about who am I really, up to now. haha :)


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