The art of uniqueness.

Just a random tree that I painted last week.

Every one of us is born to be judgmental. No one has escaped this harsh truth. As a person born in the 21st century, I’m a living witness to this, I mean you are too. Everyone is born to be unique, to have matchless kind of thinking and decisions-making. Where you are right now and where you are going is rooted to the decisions you made way back. You may not notice it but it is.  I’m pretty sure that the way we decide for ourselves is distinct to us. Everyone has their own understanding of the world and of the situation. Some things might be regarded “essential”, but to others it’s a trash. Some people may view something as an opportunity to prosper, but others may think of it as waste of time. There are people who would think that your technical knowledge will make you flourish, but others would think that how you dwell with others will make you a successful person. Again, there are a number of definition of the word “successful”, for one is incomparable with the other. People who argue with one another and proving the other is wrong is like a fool arguing with a fool. They are both fools and so the argument goes on and on. Until they will reach a point when they will get tired and stop. Well, why not just open your mind to their perspective? In that manner, you may learn something beneficial for you.

In our lives, especially in this generation, we are given a never-ending-list of choices. Sometimes it confuses us and we tend to pressure ourselves to choose what the best is. After sometime, we may reach a point where we realize that the one that we chose is actually not the best choice. It may directed you into a bad situation then you’ll end up blaming yourself for being such a foolish person for not choosing this and that. Well actually, there’s no easy way to be victorious. Every success is a product of failures and a hundred of wrong decisions. Because every failure that you get from your decision is not actually “failure”, because in every given situation, there is something to be learned from it. That “something” that you learned will actually lead you to a successful path. Therefore none of your decision is actually “wrong”.

We judge based on how we look at the given situation, never thinking the opposite side of the coin. There are a number of ways to cross a mountain, it’s just that not everyone is compatible with hiking, some people would prefer riding a helicopter or whatsoever. Then again, when we reached that certain point in our lives, it really doesn't matter how we did it, what matters is we did it.

How about you readers? Can you relate this article based on your life experiences? I will be glad to know it!


  1. I can totally relate to this. Uniqueness, such a complex topic to pinpoint and write about. :) Wonderfully written, I must say!

  2. Worth sharing for! I can really relate to this :( It's impossible though to change the being 'judgemental' of people because it's already a part of ours but I'm trying to change it starting with me because I've had experienced a lot of judgement from different people who can never appreciate uniqueness.

    Hope you can visit my blog too and tell me what you think about my recent post. Let me know if you wanna follow each other! All the love. x

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