Altered Book Project (DIY)

Altered Book Project (DIY)
I was so fond of art since I was a child. I love to scribble and draw random things at the back of my notebook. I used to do lots of scrap books when I was in high school as a part of our project, but this was stopped when I reached college. Unfortunately, my course is very scientific and has prohibited my artsy mind.

We used to paint with acrylic back in our art class in high school, but I never appreciated it. I find it difficult. I often end up with wasting it. A few months ago I tried to venture the world of watercolor until I have came up with the idea of doing an altered book project. Anyway, it's an just old book from a thrift store and I used some tissue, dried leaves, lace and buttons to revamp and come up with this cute book. 

My DIY altered book
Here a sneak peek of one of my journal entries. I used watercolor for the background and Sharpie marker.

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10 Days Before Christmas

10 Days Before Christmas

It definitely is Christmas. Christmas trees are everywhere, lights, decorations, gifts and music. This is just the best time of the year! Though we don't have a white Christmas, since its tropical here and its very humid, the Christmas spirit is everywhere. The picture above was caught in the San Pedro Street of our city. Everybody seems to be having fun. People are everywhere. Children are caroling. Malls and the streets seemed to be really very busy too. The queue to the cashier is longer, bazaars and "midnight sales" are everywhere. It's really fun to visit downtown during these times. 

What makes Christmas special is that it is only celebrated once in a year. That Christmas spirit is very evident every December. Knowing that Christmas is not celebrated everyday makes it special. It's just so lovely to see smiles in people's faces. It makes me feel happy knowing that this season is something we all have in common. That despite of the differences, we have that common ground, that common denominator.

Great Giant Clock in front of the Cathedral

I admit that I used to associate Christmas with shopping and gifts. That fact makes me look forward for Christmas. I also admit that I spend more money and more time shopping and buying not so relevant things. It's just so ironic to see hungry street people everywhere, while here I am getting fatter for the season. I guess, aside from being the season of giving, it is also a season of thanksgiving. Giving thanks to Him who provided everything- the food we eat, water we drink and air we breathe. It is a time of the year where one should look back on the whole year's events. That after everything else- good and bad times- here you are standing and still breathing. That after all, you are breathing, you are still alive. And being alive means hope. A hope for your situation, a hope for something better to come.

This period is also the best since it is both the ending and the start of something new. It's an overlap. No matter what your situation is, make it festive in your own way. Start to appreciate life more, in that way you'll add more life to your days.

People are everywhere!
I'm really excited and happy. I just had a Christmas party with my fellow bloggers, meet up with my college friends and will be having a reunion with my high school buddies. I'm also expecting two family reunions from the both side of my parents. Sounds fun isn't? Too excited for it. I'm planning to be do more paintings, calligraphy lessons, guitar percussion lessons and books to read. I might be doing a book review soon.

How about you readers? How do you spend your Christmas?


Living through Differences;

Living through Differences;

We encounter different kinds of people in our life. I do believe that everyone of us has a certain role to play in this world. We meet people of different personalities, backgrounds, beliefs and outlooks in life. With that, people whose personalities are opposites clash and it cannot be avoided. It's like positive and negative poles, they always repel each other. I try to appreciate people of different types, but most of the time, they do not return the favor. There are people who do not like me for whatever reason. I'm not perfect, nobody is. Maybe they just don't like me. It's hard to understand the list of reasons of why they don't like me. It's more complicated if I'll try to persuade them to at least appreciate me. I'm a peace lover and an idealistic one, so that fact saddens me. My thought of having a kind and loving world is just too far from reality.

As possible, I try to fix the turbulence of the situation and sometimes, it leads me to frustration. I became frustrated of trying to fix the circumstance. I think I just have to learn how to live my life with disorder. I guess it's a part of life that I'm still having troubles of adapting. It's hard to understand why people do not like for who you are. It's me. If you are bothered or annoyed with my presence, then there's nothing I can do about it. I'm just trying to be the best version of myself. If I didn't passed your standards, so be it, I have my own standards. 

I still have troubles of interacting with these kinds of people. Like, how to start a conversation without sounding awkward (though it's really awkward) and the required interaction with them. But who am I to judge? I'll still try my best to be nice to them and treat them right. I know this post is cliche but I think it's important to learn how to deal with these people. Sometimes this topic is overseen by many of us, not realizing that sometimes it's the cause of hatred and conflicts. Maybe we just need to learn how to accept people the way they are. If they hate you, accept it. It's all about the acceptance of the differences. Hard isn't? But I can't think of any easier way to live peacefully and happily. 

Anyway, I am currently reading Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare. Will update soon! How about you readers? How do you react when you encounter people who doesn't like you?


Conquering the Unknown

Conquering the Unknown

Playing with colors

It's been sometime since I wrote something to this empty space of this blog. Something has been haunting me to the bones. I've been questioning myself a number of questions after seeing some of my acquaintances graduate and taking jobs that I do not expect them for them. I was wondering what's waiting for me when I graduate. I seriously don't have plans. I don't know what to do if I graduate, but one thing for sure, I'm tired of being a student. Somehow, I'm cherishing every moment of it because this will be my last year as a "regular" student. When I say "regular", what I mean is going to classes and sitting one an hour or so while listening to the teacher. I will probably miss the looks in our face while checking the clock from time to time, too excited for the class to be finished. That moment when it's almost 15 minutes before the time, yet the class is still on the middle of the discussion. I will miss the times when I read a book rather than listening to class, that I have no idea what they were talking about. Maybe I will also miss having classmates, asking for assignments, quizzes, exams and projects. I used to have lots of readings, paper works, and other normal student is experiencing. It is just weird that this is my last semester to experience all these things. Next semester will be a semester devoted to my special project (or thesis). I will have no classes at all, purely special projects. I don't know what to expect because it seems to be unknown to me. Bit by bit, real world is taking over my life. I don't know if I should feel happy or devastated with that thought.

There will be no classmates, no homework, no projects, no exams, no quizzes and no actual classes next year. For my entire life, this is my routine then suddenly, I became a researcher. I am still a student though but being a student is incomplete without the things that were mentioned above. Maybe just know that I will miss being a student. I realized these things when I remembered my internship experience. That was mind blowing though! Anyway, everything seems to be real like I realized the responsibility I have in the company. My decisions would affect other people, at a larger scale. It's scary. I don't like responsibilities, especially if people are expecting something from you. I'm afraid to be a "grown up" and to be robot-like. Well I see them as minions of their company and bosses. I always want to live in a dream land, where everything is light and dreamy. I want to soak myself with stories on the books that lead me to somewhere magical. Am I being so immature and childish?

Almost everyone is afraid of the unknown, who doesn't? I'm afraid what's waiting on the other side. Will it be better or worse? But how to we define exactly better and worse? Does those words really exists? 


All that exists.

All that exists.

This is my life lately in pictures. I feel creative for whatever reason. I feel the need to write some ideas away. It keeps on haunting me and following me wherever I go. I keep on thinking about life. Well, it is a cycle right? Humans are social beings and always has that feeling of needing for a companion. I guess finding our special someone is intertwined in our DNA. We were made that way.

For starters, passing our DNA to our children is one of the basic instincts of humanity which is needed for survival. Of course, almost everyone has that kind of mindset. This goes from generations to generations, that is why we still existed. We were born in this world and were taken care of our guardians. We grew, went to school, studied Mathematics and Science, went to prom, fell in love, met our friends, watched movies, went to office, and watched the sunset. We did so much things that made us happy, sad, excited, and disappointed and felt every emotions.

We studied so hard in order for us to have a “decent” job. We work so hard to earn money, to feed ourselves, to be able to do a lot of things like travelling and so on. But one day, when our mission has reached the end, we suddenly vanish from this world. You’ll be like a wind that whispers in the trees. Perhaps, you’ll be one of the stars shining so bright in sky. But, who knows?The fact is, you’ll just be a memory one day. You’ll just be in pictures from the old dusty album. People will soon forget about you, especially when they are busy living their lives. 

Now, do you think life is meaningless? Not in a way that it is no good. I mean what do we live and die for? Do we live for the moment and live our lives as best as it can be or do things that can affect other temporary lives too? My point is, everything is just temporary. Are we made to do temporary things? Does our existence stops there?

These things haunts me. I cant have a peace of mind right now. I can't even start my thesis because of this. Well, at least I spilled it out in a page.

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Mystical Rose

Mystical Rose

I recently made a banner that didn't matched my current layout. I tried it on but realized it doesn't look good and so I guess I'll just be posting this here so that my effort wouldn't be put to waste. Well, we always have that one moment where our efforts are useless. It's a part of life I guess because no matter how hard you try, there will be some things that you have no power of. I mean such as the reactions of other people to you.

Anyway, my Japanese class has inspired me so much, though this class is a language class, I get to know more about people from the other place, specifically Japan. It amazes me how people have different interpretations in the world. It was really a challenge because we (students) have to memorize for about 100 characters and more for both Katakana and Hiragana. Most of the times I'm confused which is Katakana and which is Hiragana. It's really a funny class. Learning a new language is like learning the lives of other people. You get to know their customs. It's really nice.

I'm on my fifth year in college and currently working on my thesis. I'm into the product development. By the way my course is BS Food Technology, which is more technical than it sounds. My thesis has something to do with lactic acid bacteria and making the most of it so that it will be beneficial for humanity (sounds dramatic). The possibilities of finishing it late is high since this research is tremendous. But personally, I want to graduate and achieving more than a diploma. This research could be a stepping stone for future developments. Whatever happens, I'll be grateful because what I'll be doing is not just existing and graduating, I'll be one of those happy people who contribute to the changes in the world. I'm not exaggerating things, well you know every big things started with small things. And so with this, I was inspired by the banner and so I made this crappy poem.

Mystical Rose (8/29/15) By: Lysa

Misty rose as it bloom
In its glory, one must not assume
To think its weak 'coz you may be wrong
For this delicate thing is so strong.

Survival is surely not a joke
Often times, you will surely be broke
Keep your heads up and face the sun
Just like what the little rose has done.

 For it dances in the call of the wind
It sways along the tree of tamarind
Remember this if you smell a rosy perfume
Because its the misty rose as it bloom

Haha Viola! I made it. It's been ages since I made a poem. May this crappy poem inspire you in such ways. I was wondering what can you picture out upon reading the poem? What are your reactions? Are you also a fan of poem/literature?


Wishlist for August

Wishlist for August

Hey guys! What a lovely August I have here. On my past post, I shared my experience with regards to my Japanese classes. I'm improving day by day and I almost memorize the Hiragana characters! Also, I'm so excited and nervous for the upcoming defense for my thesis. I am a graduating student and so I guess all the pressure is in me! Well, these days, I am crazy about purses. I guess they are really handy because they contain the valuable things you need to live, especially for the girls. It contains everything- money, id, receipts and make-ups. Having a nice purse will really save your day and it should be included in your day to day fashion! 

The following shows the visual glossary of purse. I got it from The Hand Bag and I guess it's pretty helpful. 

Picture from The Hand Bag

Since we are talking about purses, I would like to present you my wishlist for the month of August. The following bags are simple yet classy. I love neutral colors and these purses suit my taste well.
Photo credits here 

Photo credits here

Speaking of clutches, I find them adorable and really cute. While viewing some online shops, I was stumbled in a shop named Zalora. ZALORA offers a wide selection of stylish clutches. The picture below captured my eyes, since it's neutral in color, it would not be difficult to pair it with other colors.
Photo credits here

I think I really love neutral colors. How about you? What are your wish list for the month of August?


Japanese class.

Japanese class.
Solitude. A painting made by me. Inspired by The Little Prince/ Media Used: Watercolor

 Ohayou Minnasan! Hajimemashite! What a pleasant surprise! I'm back and I haven't shared my OJT (internship) experience with you. I kind of feeling so lazy lately but hopefully next week my mood to write will be back. But before everything else, I've been loving to paint lately, as you can see on the picture above. The Little Prince is actually one of my favorite books, I highly recommend to you. I love its philosophical views about things and would make you question lots of things. And as for the painting, I just started painting last March and I'm loving it. Yeah It's not that attractive though but it's an achievement for me! (Hurray!)

Anyway, back to the topic, I'm currently taking Japanese classes. It's fun but you really have to give extra effort to memorize TONS of characters. I'm on Hiragana and still struggling to remember 25 Japanese characters to my brain. Well, most of the time, they look nonsense to me, like for a beginner like me, who doesn't? There are a lot of time that I feel so lost during the discussions and I feel so dumb. It's actually not in our curriculum but I have that feeling that this could be handy in the future. Don't worry I'll be sharing with you my experience along the way. I'm so excited and nervous (who wouldn't be?). Our textbook will be in Japanese and that could give me a nosebleed. Oh I wish I know how to deal with this. I'll start my thesis soon and I am not sure if I could focus on this interesting class. It's really hard, but it's fun to learn a new language. I may read a real manga in Japanese without translation in the future! haha. Though things may seem impossible, just continue what you are doing and believe in yourself. Have a positive outlook in life!

How about you? How are you lately?


Chasing and chasing.

Chasing and chasing.
Random feathers to fill up this post.

There are times when you just have to give up something because it is not meant for you. No matter how hard you push yourself to it, if it's not for you, then it's not. I had this dream. I pushed myself to it, because I used to believe that if my desire for it is just too much, I can get it. I believed that if I just work hard for something, I can get. I depend so much to myself and sacrificed a lot of things just to reached that wondrous dream. I can't help it. There's a point in your life when you'll be blinded with your dreams. You will sacrifice lots of things just to achieve that dream. You traveled miles, invested sweat and blood. You have actually invested so much for it. Until that dream just flew away and you can't chaste it anymore. I got a word from the above to leave that dream because it's not for me. At first I didn't listened. I love it so much, just so much to surrender it. But then again, His ways are His ways. I'm just a human being, and I have my limits. I guess I loved my dreams so much that I forgot that there is something more for me. What I mean is that He has something more for you. And that something is greater than your dreams. For what you want is not really what you deserve, because you may deserve to have more. Then my consciousness reached me. If I had just reached that dream and flew away, I might be lost and might never find my way home again. My dreams, it has flown to a land full of uncertainties. You know, it's also good to take risks, but you must learn when to take it and when to let it go, because if you take the risks blindly, you might just lost everything that you have. You must know how to balance things because you might be end up investing to a bankrupt bank. 

I know it's confusing but don't believe so much in yourself. Believing in yourself is good, but too much is bad. It may create disappointments and frustrations in your life. Learn to be open minded. Learn to look at your left and at your right, rather than focusing too much looking forward. There could be something more in other directions than on what you are seeing right now. You might as well consider looking to other directions, because the answer could just be behind you. The thing is, letting go of something is not always bad. because once a door closes, another door opens. You can never tell, that door could be the answer to your questions.


The art of uniqueness.

The art of uniqueness.

Just a random tree that I painted last week.

Every one of us is born to be judgmental. No one has escaped this harsh truth. As a person born in the 21st century, I’m a living witness to this, I mean you are too. Everyone is born to be unique, to have matchless kind of thinking and decisions-making. Where you are right now and where you are going is rooted to the decisions you made way back. You may not notice it but it is.  I’m pretty sure that the way we decide for ourselves is distinct to us. Everyone has their own understanding of the world and of the situation. Some things might be regarded “essential”, but to others it’s a trash. Some people may view something as an opportunity to prosper, but others may think of it as waste of time. There are people who would think that your technical knowledge will make you flourish, but others would think that how you dwell with others will make you a successful person. Again, there are a number of definition of the word “successful”, for one is incomparable with the other. People who argue with one another and proving the other is wrong is like a fool arguing with a fool. They are both fools and so the argument goes on and on. Until they will reach a point when they will get tired and stop. Well, why not just open your mind to their perspective? In that manner, you may learn something beneficial for you.

In our lives, especially in this generation, we are given a never-ending-list of choices. Sometimes it confuses us and we tend to pressure ourselves to choose what the best is. After sometime, we may reach a point where we realize that the one that we chose is actually not the best choice. It may directed you into a bad situation then you’ll end up blaming yourself for being such a foolish person for not choosing this and that. Well actually, there’s no easy way to be victorious. Every success is a product of failures and a hundred of wrong decisions. Because every failure that you get from your decision is not actually “failure”, because in every given situation, there is something to be learned from it. That “something” that you learned will actually lead you to a successful path. Therefore none of your decision is actually “wrong”.

We judge based on how we look at the given situation, never thinking the opposite side of the coin. There are a number of ways to cross a mountain, it’s just that not everyone is compatible with hiking, some people would prefer riding a helicopter or whatsoever. Then again, when we reached that certain point in our lives, it really doesn't matter how we did it, what matters is we did it.

How about you readers? Can you relate this article based on your life experiences? I will be glad to know it!


Who am I?

Who am I?

I've been spending my life for so long in this world. I've been to places that I never thought I would visit. I've met hundreds and thousands of people. I get to interact with people having different personalities and perspective in life. I thought I knew everything, until somebody asked me, Who are you? If I am to ask you, what would you answer? It's pretty basic. You would state your name, age and where you live. But, who are you really?

It's not really not that easy to tell someone who you are. You just don't know where to start. Most of the times, we just say what we think is essential. We ignore those things that really matter. Well, that's how we live these days. In this fast faced world, we often sacrifice a lot of important things because we tend to focus on a something that we forgot to look at other things. We only have this 24 hours per day and most of the time, we spend it working or studying. We are like robots that everything has to be scheduled. Can't we just go back to the old days where things are a lot simple? In order to live, we have to work hard to earn money to be rich. But, we forgot the quality of our lives, and we forgot the things that matters the most. We are blinded by money and riches. We forgot what we really need. Our lives are routine, that sometimes you would forgot who you were before when you were still a child. As a child, everything is simple. As a child, happiness is just simple.

In this generation, "selfies" is trending in social media. We focus more in ourselves, but what if I am to ask you, "Who are you?". Do you really know yourself? This is the kind of question that I love to ponder upon, because sometimes the answer is the question itself. 

How about you readers? Who are you?


Unlearning to Learn.

Unlearning to Learn.

Hello readers! I just turned 20 last week and I feel great! It feels great to be 20. Well yeah, it also feels good to be a teenager. It’s just sad to say that I am no longer a “teenager” as what my age dictates, but I am pretty sure that I still look  like one. I spent my birthday with few of my closest friends; they are actually my high school friends which I have created a strong bond with. I treat them out to somewhere and ate some pizza. It’s actually my first time to treat my friends out in my birthday while spending my own money! Oh yeah, I’m not really the kind of person who treats their friends in their birthdays. Maybe spending money is just not my thing or something. But yeah! I deviate in my birthday and spent some money. Well I guess it’s not bad to spend money for happiness. I think it’s quite fun, especially that I am with the people whom I love most. They are not the best people in the world but they are the ones who love me and would never judge me. I was touched by the people who heartedly greeted me because only few people remembered it since I did not put my birth date public in facebook. 

One of my best friends gave a sweet gift, a balloon, a sweet marshmallow and a thing that has “you are special” on it and I was really touched. In addition, my birthday was extra special because something happened just a day before that. I realized a lot of things because a friend of mine shared something about God and I was enlightened by his love. You know, I was fed by his spiritual love and it feels different. I felt light and happy in my birthday.

My birthday realizations...
There are a lot of realizations that I made in my 20 years of existence. You know some deep thoughts about anything in and out of this world. I learned the other week that in order to learn, you must learn to unlearn things. Unlearning to Learn. That is the idea! It may sound silly but it’s really witty. As we can see, our lives become a routine. We go to school, eat our lunch, go to classes then go home. It’s a cycle and we do it because we need it. We need to pass or we need to have a salary. In that way, life becomes monotonous. It becomes uninteresting and boring, which is very different from a child’s point of view of the world. Children are always amazed by everything. They are amazed by how the sky is blue, why the dogs bark, why the trees are green and so on. They are amazed by the simple things in life like how the birds fly. Those things are silly in an adult’s mind.

In a point of view of an alien, our world is interesting simply because it’s different from their own perspective. In that way, they will learn a lot just by observing and gain new knowledge and a new perspective from the environment. That is how we are supposed to look at our world. We need to defamiliarize. If we defamiliarize ourselves that the sky is blue, then we will see a new picture, a new perspective. We way we see our world is different from the way an alien sees it. We become unbiased with our thoughts and become open for new ideas. In this way, you’ll learn how to appreciate life and understand life more. It is something that is needed to be developed but it is often the most neglected.

A sad reality in these days is that the essential things are often forgotten because people tend to focus more on their wants, rather than their needs. People tend to be shallow when we talk about life. They have forgotten the art of life and how it goes.


A movie Review: Mr. Nobody

A movie Review: Mr. Nobody

“What was there before the big bang? Well, you see, there was no before because before the big bang, time did not exist. Time is a result of the expansion of the universe itself. But what will happen when the universe has finished expanding?”- Adult Nemo

Have you ever tried questioning your existence? How sure are you that you really exist? We describe reality as what we perceived by our senses. Other than that, we regarded them as imagination or just mere ideas. But, how sure are we that there is only one reality? What if the reality that we were living is just a dream or an imagination? What if there was another dimension of the world other than the world that is known to us? What could have happened? What could have happened if you chose to be early for school or if you chose to be late? What could have happened if you did that instead of this? Life is full of choices and not making a choice is our choice.

Mr. Nobody will make you ask yourself this kind of questions. This movie is very inspirational that could make your mind wander in the depths of your imaginations. In this movie, Nemo tries to remember his past, his memories when he was still a little boy. As he goes through the remembering process, his listeners become confused of what really had happened. He begins to tell his story that when his parents separated, he chose his mother and then the story of his life continuous. On the other hand, he also tells a story of what happened to his life when he chose his father. It is like he lived in these different worlds and each world is different from one another. He lived in the two sides of the stories and that makes the movie very interesting! 

Here are some inspirational quotes from this movie:
Nemo age 9: You have to make the right choice. As long as you don't choose, everything remains possible.
Nemo Nobody aged 118: Every path is the right path. Everything could've been anything else. And it would have just as much meaning.
The child could not make a choice because he did not know what would happen, but now that he knows what will happen, he can not make a choice.
Young journalist: Everything you say is contradictory. You can't have been in one place and another at the same time. Of all those lives, which one is the right one? Nemo Nobody aged 118: Each of these lives is the right one! Every path is the right path. Everything could have been anything else and it would have just as much meaning.
At my age the candles cost more than the cake. I'm not afraid of dying. I'm afraid I haven't been alive enough. It should be written on every school room blackboard: Life is a playground - or nothing.

I love their playlist, especially the songs entitled "Mr. Sandman by The Chordettes" and "Buddy Holly - Everyday". I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is interested with philosophical questions and to those who wants to make their mind wander! Definitely another movie to include in my favorite list. Now readers, give me your comment/feedback :)




Before anything else, especially for those who are not familiar with nuffnang, it is a blog advertising community. Web owners and bloggers like me, benefit from sites like these. Most of the times, this website facilitates different blog activities that will help the blogger to be exposed more to the influential virtual world. Well, if you are a blogger, well I recommend you to get to know Nuffnang more!

Why I love Nuffnang?

Nuffnang is like a friend to me. It has inspired me to blog because it hosts different blogs activities that have awesome prizes. Who wouldn't be inspired to write if your efforts are paid off. It had made me realize that being a blogger has a lot of perks.

Nuffnang features different bloggers every now and then so that amateur bloggers like me will be inspired to strive hard to be a good and influential blogger. It is also a way of learning of the different techniques in writing. With that, I get to know new people and interact with them. From their blogs, I learned from their experiences and different ventures. Nuffnang has taught me to go outside the box and explore.

Blogging with nuffnang actually spiced up my blogging experience. It is like; I'm blogging with excitement. It has enlightened me to set goals to attain and inspired me to strive to be better. Nuffnang really loves bloggers and bloggers love them back! Well there are still a number of things that I look forward to be experienced with Nuffnang. With that I recommend you guys to visit their website at http://www.nuffnang.com.ph/

Official Contest Badge. Image source: http://blog.nuffnang.com.ph/

In relation to this, Nuffnang is facilitating this contest wherein the winner wins a domain. I hope, if God permits, I'll win this contest, because I've been blogging since 2009 and my greatest dream ever since is to have my very own domain. I am still a  student and buying my own domain is not included in my budget. I am unemployed and still a college student which needs money for tuition and for projects. It will forever be grateful if I'll win a domain because it's been just a dream for more than 5 years now. How sweet is it to hear  my site: hellolysa owning a domain. Ah, it sounds like a lullaby.

Well, for more information about this contest, click this.

Backreads from 2014.

Backreads from 2014.

December Blissfulness
Hi readers! I will begin this year by reminiscing the moments that had the greatest impact to me last 2014. Well, 2014 was a blast. I never thought that my addiction to music would help me meet some of the famous pinoy performers. I was greatly inspired by them and so I am taking little steps to improve myself and my band. Next, I never ever thought that my blogging career would boom this year. My once just an escape became a stepping stone to something beautiful. I am now being invited to different events such as food tasting, press conference, product launching and a lot more that has something to do with the media. With that, I had the opportunity to meet new faces with the same interests ( this is where I met #3J) and to experience something new.

February- I was one of the lucky participants of the Colgate Fresh Jam where I met some of the famous and renowned artists in the Philippine music industry as of today. I met Eunice, Mong Alcaraz, Miggy Chavez, Kean and Abra. Well, until now, I still can't believe that I became a part of that experience. It's mind blowing!

Here a picture of me with the whole cast. #TeamMong

March- I discovered Davao Bloggers and had my first event at the Max's. I was so amused meeting people from the same place with the same interests! Well my first experience with them is memorable because they are so kind and approachable. I was hesistant at first to join this event because I never had this experience before (to be invited to a blogger's night), and I was afraid. Well, if I didn't had the guts to join the event, if I didn't told myself that "I can do it", maybe everything would be different and I could be less happier.

I never thought my life would be this oh-so-good. I also met new friends. Also, because of Davao bloggers, I have the inspiration to keep on blogging.

Photo from the Davao bloggers page

April- This was the start of my four-months vacation, thanks to the calendar shift. Our agony as students will be prolonged! April 22- when I started Taekwondo but stopped at August.

August- I met the #3J (Jonas and Kevin). I never thought that I'll be this close to them because they are my first friends which didn't came from the same school. We all have random personalities but clicked in. They are my blogger friends and they are seriously crazy. They love serious jokes! Also, I spent kadayawan in Streets after years! I cant even remember when was that thanks to these two fellas who has a blast with me.

Photo by Jonas

This is also the start of our classes. Hmmm, nothing special about that.

September- Event at Tagum. Visited Banana Beach Resort and Lanikai.

October- Two of my closest friends namely Lea and Carl had their birthdays celebrate with us (Yowmehn Republic - this is what we label our group). Lea's birthday celebration was at Yakimix, while Carl's at Vikings. Lucky me! It was my first time to try those restaurants.

This is also the month when our band, Insta, first played at the UP ground. We covered Pompeii and I forgot the other one. That is just one of the best moments though there's still a big room for improvement. See my last post here.

December- Had two family reunions and some reunion with friends. Got presents from my friends and family. 

To wrap up everything, I would like to thank everyone who became a part of my year, special mention to the Yowmehn Republic (plus Carl)- Jaiza, Lea, Massy and Kath and also, to #3J (my newly formed group) Jonas and Kevin. To my college pals ( Eunz, JP, Shiela, Angela and more), especially to Ange who was with me through thick and thin. To my bandmates, who never failed to believe in me. To the Davao Bloggers which welcomed me warmly. To my supportive and loving family, thank you for being my inspiration. To my dogs who loves to lick me and tickle me.

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