Sometimes I let my mind wander into the wilderness of my imaginations. I drown myself to the depths of my subconscious mind. I am overhelmed with the power of the human mind. It's power to create such vivid vision. I wonder how those ideas were beautifully crafted and created. Are the visions just a mere fiction or is there something more? Do these imaginations has something to do in the other dimension of the so called "real" world? How did the human mind ever think that a parallel universe may exist? Is it just an idea that popped out in a writer's head or is it a memory from a past?

Books, novels and movies that deals with different kind of dimension other than the real world entices me to reflect and think how could these ideas be existing. It may mean something more that most of us prefer not to care and bother. It could mean something that is beyond the posibilities here in this world. It may be something that contadicts the laws of nature and untrue. But things keep on evolving, like science, like animals and like us. Let us keep in mind that going to the moon was once impossible. Who knows, everything could turn around and all of your imaginations such as centaur, parallel world, speaking animals and plants may come to reality. 

My mind tricks me a lot. Perhaps all those mythical creatures exist in other world or perhaps its just me.


Yakimix & Vikings with Best friends.

Yakimix & Vikings with Best friends.
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Before the month of November ended, two of my best friends namely Carl (Oct. 27) and Leamie (Oct. 15) had their birthday blast! The top three photos were taken at Yakimix in Davao City. Well, that was my first time to try such kind of buffet. It was a blast because the flavorings of the different meat choices are bombarded with different kinds of aroma and twisted tastes! Every bite could give you a whole different kind of experience. You can taste a lot of tastes! Some of the meats that I’ve tried are sweet, spicy, and full of aroma. It was my first time to try such thing. Of course, some of the meats are presented raw but the flavorings are already mixed to the meat. You’re actually the one who’s going to grill.

The other three pictures were taken at Vikings in SM Lanang, Davao. Vikings is one of the most known buffets we have here in our city because it offers luxurious dishes, along with it is its high price. Hmmm, I’m not into spending so I can’t afford to try every restaurant with high prices. With that, it was my first time to try it. Guess what! It’s heaven! All dishes that you can think of are there! I even tried jelly fish. It was weird because it has a rubber kind of feeling. I have not taken a picture of it in which I regretted but I really enjoyed it!

I just feel happy because among of their friends, they chose to celebrate it with us. We are in college and we have bonded and gained lots of new friends but we are still close like we used to. Every time we are together, I tend to forget that we’re college students and not high school anymore. I think when you have someone or a group of friends or people in which you can be the true you and don’t judge you, don’t let them go. Most people these days judge you for who you are, but treasure people who will accept the true you.

Best friends: Carl, Lea, Jaiza and Me. (Massy, Shajanie and Kathrina arent in the picture too sad) Photo by: Jaiza

It really is difficult to find true friends in college (based on what I have experienced). In college, you and your classmates have different priorities, goals, likes and dislikes. People tend to be more mature in a sense that you are limited to what to show from yourself. Yes, there are real pals out there but hey, you are no longer in high school, people are so busy preparing for their future. Well, I’m greatly attached to my high school buddies though we rarely meet in a year.

Because things have changed since we graduated from high school. We grew, got different college degrees, had a bunch of new friends, different priorities and etc. I, on the other hand, became more comfortable when alone. Well, most of times, I am alone, at school, at the mall or somewhere. Though I’m happy when I’m all alone, my high school buddies reminds me what it is to be with the people whom you call "best friends".
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