My kind of student life in UP.

My kind of student life in UP.

I've been really busy these past few weeks. First, I'm busy eating countless power points and science related reading materials (like literally), next, I'm also an active member in my organization in school, and lastly, my dearest social life. It turned out that my social life became my last priority when I reached college. I think this is normal if you are studying in a state university. But of course, everything has its good side. Well, one of the advantages of studying here in UP is that you'll be attached to nature. UP is situated in a place where the urban and rural meets, so it’s like enjoying the perks of both worlds.

As you see above, trees are everywhere. Left to right is all green. I really love staring blankly in this area when I find time since my building is a few meters away from this building. It makes you realize a number of things. I can’t explain what those things are but it is something worthwhile.

Just this week, DULA 2014 started. It's like an intramurals in other schools. I’m not fond of dancing myself so I just cheered for my batch mates who joined different sports-related activities. Things like these make me love my student life. Memories like these are to cherish for a life time. One day, my student life shall end and all of these will just be a memory to linger on. When time shall make me older, these things will be my treasure.

Last Wednesday, I came in late in my 8:00am class. I reached the school 8:29 a.m. and so I doubt if I’ll still come to class. I blame the jeepney driver, and all innocent people which have contributed to my lateness. I didn’t pressure myself so instead, I went to somewhere where I can relax and sit until my next class.

I sat to a cottage and after sometime, I started reading an e-book entitled: Sophie’s World. My eyes are dropping and I lie down and looked blankly to the trees. Until I realized I must share it to the world and captured it. And here it goes; the picture above says it all. The cool and fresh breeze that touches your hair and your sweet face, it’s fascinating. Not every people have an opportunity like this especially when you are living at the center of the city. I am lucky to be experiencing these while at school. Most of my classmates complain about their schools. They hated to be in their school, while I love to be in here.

I wonder what you guys are up to. :) How's school?


Aling Foping's Halo-halo

Aling Foping's Halo-halo

In relation to my post, Jelly Citea, this next food review is still found at the MTS (Matina Town Quare). As you see, I visit this place often. Well, this place used to be plain with just bench and play grounds around. First of all, I am not a drinker or a party person; I simply visit this place because it has lots of new restaurants and foods to be tried on. One day, my blogger friends, Jonas and Kevin wanted me to try Aling Foping's Halo-halo and so, this is the post is all about.

I regretted for not taking pictures of the place that time but it’s just a simple place. It is not air-conditioned so that you would enjoy the cool breeze of the air while eating your halo-halo. The halo-halo comes in a medium sized plastic container. Upon ordering, they will be giving a checklist and you must choose at the maximum of six items to be added on your halo-halo. Good thing I chose the best ingredients namely Langka, Leche Flan, Pinipig, Red Mongo, Saba and Ube.

The checklist

Personal Picks: Please refer to my chechlist

Budget: Php 85 to Php100
VALUE: ★★★★☆☆(The price, for me as a student, is a bit high.)
ATMOSPHERE:★★★★☆ (The place is good as you can breathe fresh air..)
SERVICE:★★★★☆ (Good.)
FOOD:★★★★☆ (Creamy halo-halo)

Me, Kevin and Jonas :)


BUCKETLIST UNLOCKED #1: To be able to play in UP

BUCKETLIST UNLOCKED #1: To be able to play in UP
When I was a freshman, I joined the Freshmen Night and got mesmerized with the bands playing in front of me. Ever since high school, or grade school I guess, I always dreamt to be able to play in front of a crowd. Well, UPmin AMPLI( UP Mindanao Association of Musicians Playing Loud Instruments) gave me an opportunity to achieve my dreams. They introduce me more to music. With that, I even loved music more.

I never had an opportunity to play in our campus. I have joined a battle of the bands before in a local bar here in my city. Well, I was excited and nervous at the same time. The first time I played in front of a crowd, which is in a bar, I almost can't move my fingers. I was very nervous, my hands are sweating cold and I can't move them properly. I almost want to die in front of the crowd since my first performances aren't that good. Well of course, maybe of pressure. Most of my audience is inclined to music and professional. And then what does an amateur guitarist like me could offer? lol. But I'm not saying I didn't like the experience, that was actually the best experience I ever had in my entire life! Well, it's a childhood dream come true.

FAST FORWARD on October 10, 2014, which is last friday. It was our Freshmen Night 2014. Luckily for God's sake, we were given an opportunity to play during the Battle of the bands. The band's name is  "Insta" simply because we are into pop songs. We played Pompeii and; Safe and Sound by One Republic. Well, we haven't even had a legit practice with our drummer! But, all I can say is that, our performance is not that bad at all! At least for me.

So far, this is our only legit picture.

I'm the one on guitar (Rhythm). I'm so happy that night since my classmates and friends are really very supportive. They come near me and took a selfie. I was really touched. I became an instant celebrity for a night! I was also touched with my bandmates because we never thought that we could push this through because we had only our first and last studio practice the night before, though we have acoustic jams.

Well, the experience is unforgettable. The spot light is all yours (along with my bandmates). I can't see the crowd clearly since all I can see is black. I don't know who's who. It was also my first time to play without any nervousness. I was shocked by the fact that my hands aren't sweating. There I am, playing happily and enjoying the show. I can't help to smile with that feeling of playing in front of a crowd. It's priceless.


Jelly Citea

Jelly Citea

This food post has something to do with one of my favorite drinks, the milk tea. Well, if you are to visit Davao City, different milk tea restaurants are built across the city. Kangaroo Cafe, Alley Cat, Coffee Cat and Green Cafe, just to name some. Truly, this lovely city is prigressing very rapidly that in just a year, lots and lots of milk tea restaurants arose.

Every weekend or every time I have vacant time, in which I rarely have, my friends and I try to take advantages of these milk tea restaurants. We are so food adventurous that we look forward to try one food to another. Our feet brought us in MTS (Matina Town Square). Well, this place is very calm and relaxing when the sun is still up but become a party ground when the sets. Usually, this place starts to be noisy at 8pm. Different bands will start to play and people will begin to drink and party.

I haven't taken a picture of the place since it didn't come in my mind but maybe, I'll try it next time. Well, there are a lot of milk teas to choose from! But I tried Wintermelon Rock Salt and Cheese and Macau. Based on my dull memory, the large sized will cost you Php 90 while the small one is in Php 80 something. I ordered the Winterwatermelon Rock Salt and Cheese in sized small tumbler. It is chocolate flavored and my taste buds loved the taste since I am a chocolate lover. It has some sago and it and you won't really regret to try it if you have a sweet tooth.

Macau is a different story though. I ordered it in large size tumbler. At the first sip, all I can taste is a tea with a bitter taste as an after taste. At first, I didn't appreciate it. It is topped with some creamy cheese. Until when I am halfway, I thought of mixing the mixture and POOF! I never thought that it would be this good! It is not as sweet as the Wintermelon but it has an adorable taste since it has a cheese on its top. Well for me, it’s not main stream like the winterwatermelon and definitely worth a try!

Personal Picks: Wintermelon Rock Salt and Cheese and Macau (Haven't tried the other milk teas).

Budget: Php 50 (if you are to order the small size tumbler) to Php 150 per milk tea.

VALUE: ★★★★ ★(Affordable!)
ATMOSPHERE:★★★★☆ (The place is okay, not too spacious, they also have this post-note messages from the customers.)
SERVICE:★★★★☆ (Good.)
FOOD:★★★★★ (I recommend this!)

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