Hi readers, this would just be a quick post. One of my best friends joined a beauty pageant called Ms. UAPSA in Ateneo De Davao University. Now, I need your support to like their pictures because it's one of the categories of the said competition. Thanks for your support. The links are given below.

My Best friend, Ms. Jaiza Mae Jumawan
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Her partner, Kin Alexis Morales Plan
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Pictures by  Mark Louie BalladaresThank you so much for your support.


Bulgogi Brothers Davao

Bulgogi Brothers Davao

If you are a k-pop fan or love the Korean culture, this post of for you! Well, this is my first time to try authentic Korean dishes and I tried it with Bulgogi Brothers.

Last July 10, 2014, Bulgogi Brothers conducted a food media roll-out for the existing promo. Bloggers were invited to try their platters, Korean BBQ specials, and affordable lunch set meals.When I entered the restaurant, I was pleased when the staffs greeted me “annyeonghaseyo” which means “Hello” in English. We were seated on the corner of the said restaurant and everything is already set.

The free appetizers


The Stairwell

The Stairwell

Last July 5, 2014, I had discovered another restaurant in Davao City, along with the Davao Bloggers. It is located at Matina Town Square or commonly known as MTS. It is inline with the other restaurants but this restaurant has something uniqueness to share. The food that are being served in the Stairwell is inspired by the Filipino Cuisines. 

All about the name "The Stairwell" :
The first location of the restaurant is near the stairs so that's how it got its name. But it was transferred on the corner, and the kitchen is still near the stairs. It is literally near the stairs.

How it started? :
This was just a dream came true. One of the owners just graduated dentistry and just passed the board exams. Her clinic is also at the Matina Town Square (MTS) just a few meters away from The Stairwell. She says that with the help of the some close friends, The Stairwell was born.



Bioessence DPL (Dynamic Pulse Light) Technology Launch at Abreeza, Davao

Bioessence DPL (Dynamic Pulse Light) Technology Launch at Abreeza, Davao

Bioessence New Treatment Launch

Last 7, 2014, Bioessence launched their newest treatment, the DPL machine, with celebrity guest Victor Basa and John Pol. This new treatment is for hair removal/reduction, photo rejuvenation, acne clearance and pigmented lesions.

Getting ready for the launching



Amish yogurt from Bahay ni Tuding Inn & Resto

Amish yogurt from Bahay ni Tuding Inn & Resto
Bahay ni Tuding Inn and Resto signage that can be seen from the Mercury Drug Store.
If you are looking for healthy desserts and snacks, this post os for you! Last June 27-28, 2014, "Bahay ni Tuding" just celebrated their third year anniversary. With regards to this, they have this "All day Yogurt Buffet bar". The place is located in San Pedro Street, near the Mercury Drug. It is located at the back of the Mercury Drug, that is why it is not visibly seen from the main streets. But if you pay attention, there is a logo and sign board that signifies that Bahay ni Tuding is just a few meters away from the main streets.

The place.
Frankly, this is my first time to visit this place. I never heard this before but I am pleased to visit this place. This place would remind me of the Spanish era we had before. They have veranda on the second and third floor but unfortunately, we haven't reached it .

The hallway to the event area.
The place is pretty nice and clean and the staffs are very accommodating and friendly. Well for me, its a plus points.

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