My life in pictures: Blissful moments

Hello readers! First of all, I want to thank you for still visiting my old and boring blog. But hey, this post will be all about my life again. 

December is the last month of everything in the academic calendar in the University of the Philippines. Since it’s the finals, my schedule is very hectic as what my notebook says, there are lots of things to re-learn again and so on. Just this month, my Animal Science classes just ended. I learned how to make a ham, bacon, banana chips and so on. I just became an amateur food processor. I was amazed knowing that things like those need some calculations. Math is really very applicable, well of course depending to which department or field you are in. I am now on my Calculus and I do not know if I am to apply it in the near future.

I also attended an event in JavaJive. Well, as you can see, they offer lots of healthy cupcakes and chocolates. That was a blast with my fellow bloggers and chilling out. The acoustic band was really wonderful, they have angelic voices and the blending of the voices is just incredible! You really have to try it!

My sister and I went to the MTS, just after the blog event (JavaJive) and saw this Christmas tree. I can feel the Christmas spirit and I'm more than excited!

Lastly, just last week, my close college friend, Angelica Jomoc and I went to the streets of Davao City and looked a place to chill. Well, we're bombarded with lots of scholastic activities this week and we need to break free. As a child of UP and of the rural areas of this city, I rarely go to the busy streets and to the malls. Well, I think this was our day. We talked for hours about life. I’ll be missing things like this when we graduate. We spent our moment at Anniepie and I tried their Cafelatte. I am not a coffee lover but this drink is a must try.

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