Gift Ideas for Christmas 2014

Hello readers. It was a rough year, not just for me, but for all of us. We were all stressed and worn out, who wouldn't be? Conflicts in school, friends, family and most of the time, work. Well, well, well, all of these things are just normal. Based on my own perception, this is the core reason why we exist on the first place. It is to experience the worst in our lives in order to make the best of it. 

It's the time in the year again where people celebrate and as a part of the big celebration is a Christmas wish list. Christmas spirit is in the air. People came rushing in the malls to buy gifts for themselves or for their love ones. Christmas playlist keep on playing while doing your Christmas shopping. Little children are caroling from house to house. Christmas parties, reunions with family and friends, gifts of different sizes and colors and, above all, Christmas break! I bet everyone is looking forward for the Christmas break, especially for the students like me. School has made me forgot what life is. So this is the perfect time refresh and relaxes.

Since online shopping is "in" today, here's some legit sites list I saw online. The good thing with online shopping is that you won't be stressed anymore to go to the crowded malls and fall in the very long line to the cashier. I get stressed easily especially when shopping in crowded malls. With that, instead of enjoying the moment, it's stressing me out.

2015 Doodle And Scribble Planners

I found some cute planners from Filed. OMG. This planner looks so irresistable. I'm not an organized person and one of my new year's resolution is to be "more organized".I'm not an organized person and one of my new year's resolutions is to be "more organized". This is very helpful for another busy year, especially with the fact that I will start my thesis next year! I'm really nervous and excited for the coming year. This is perfect for students who will be suffering from academics for next year. You can give this to your friend, your cousin or a disorganized person like me. lol. This is a nice way to start a new year.

Foot wear from Zalora

I browsed over their items and I found a nice selection of women's footwear at Zalora. I badly need these to complement my outfit for the coming defenses next year. One of my friends told me that Zalora offers quality products, with that thought; I guess I would try buying one for this Christmas. I read some good reviews coming from this site and I guess it's worth the try. This site looks legit.

Aside from shoes, they also offer some nice dress that I badly wanted to try! Well, I'm looking forward to try some of their products.

Kokology Book
kokology \ kô kôl´ ôjê \ n [Japanese, - kokoro, mind, spirit, feelings + Greek, -logia, the study of]
It's one of the best gifts you could ever give to someone who admire books so much! Basically, it is a book that could help you get to know yourself more. I tried it actually and I tell you, it can help you get to know yourself more, your strengths and weaknesses. It has also some tips and advises. More information here.

Note to readers: This is not a sponsored post.

Before I end this post, I would like to greet everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Song of the day:
Carol of the Bells - Pentatonix
This is one of the best covers I've ever heard this year! Full of amazement!

How about you readers? What are your Christmas wish list? :)

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