A BIG cup of Cafe latte for finals. 

"My hope of passing is like the picture above, it slowly fades away."

Math, food engineering and what else? What more can this little brain hold? I've been studying for days now but it seems that the information that I am trying to retain and remember is like an air. It's like bubble that becomes nothing after popping. This post was written by a college student who is now on the middle of her final exams. Her days became doomed with the thought that this could be her last chance of literally passing the subjects, I have tried to pass the exams a number of times, tried to remember how it was solved, the formula and all, but often, my mind could not help but to wander in stressful times. I could not help it, it wanders unconsciously. 

This post was entitled "Finals" mainly because this could be my final post with some little hope of passing in my hands. I could let that little hope fly away after the test and the odds begin. I wonder what will happen if I became unfortunate and fail again. Fail again. It's hard to describe how I felt when I failed. It's like choosing from drowning in the vast sea, being choked by a tight rope or being hit by a gun. It's really hard to choose which is the safest way to die. That "safe" in my last sentence becomes ironic. Nobody is safe until he/she dies. But what I meant with the safe there was the hope that you could still be possibly alive after the dramatic moment occurs. 

To be a student in the University of the Philippines is no joke. It has tested me and I had tried proving myself. Well, I have also experienced one of the greatest down fall in my life, that was when I received my first ever failing grade after years and years of schooling. In addition to that, that caused my delay in my schooling so instead of four years, it became five years. Yes that's right and I'm on my fourth dreadful year. I cried tears and blood. I experienced and saw myself at my lowest possible point. With that, I am more capable of knowing who I am and what I am capable of. 

After all, all this things will be paid off. I hope so, because not everybody who graduates college has the opportunity to get a good job and a good salary. But today is not the right time of thinking that the future may fail me.

Song of the day: 
The Paper Kites - Young
I'm really love The Paper Kites

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