A Quest for Friendship

As you walk through the journey of your life, different kinds of people you will meet- acquaintances, classmates, officemates, board mates and so on. Life is a never ending process where you will be exposed to different perspectives and personalities that can affect you in some ways. Sometimes, you just won't notice that some people actually teach you life lessons that you will need in the near future. It is actually a good thing to mingle with the people whose views in life are different because in that way, you will be exposed to a different dimension of thinking. 

As a matter of fact, not all people whom you meet will appreciate you like how your old friends do. Sometimes, people whom you thought were true friends were just acquaintances. As we grow older and become more mature, you will realize how big the gap between the ideal and reality. In reality, when people go together and have fun, it doesn't mean they are true friends to each other. Sometimes, all they need is just an accompany. It's a mutual relationship. They go together just to keep them company. Sometimes, they are not even comfortable sharing secrets or venting out some problems. They go together but there's still that gap. 

Basically, what is the difference between real friends and just friends? 
Well, you call them real friends when they are on your side whatever happens. They will wait for you to finish your meal even though that would mean that she will be late with you for your next class. True friends do not trash talk behind your back, they will tell you if something is wrong. True friends also do not make fun of you in an offending manner. Though sometimes, sarcasm is normal for close friends. Sometimes, friends do drift away and lost communication, but mind you, real friends catch up with each other and you still have that "connection" even after a while of not having a communication. Your real friends are always there for you especially at the times when you needed them the most. 

Friends are the people who you eat out with and have fun with. But “just friends” do not have that "special and unique" connection like real friends. You share same interests and do a hobby together. Though that person is your friend, sometimes you are hesitant to share a secret or a problem to that person. You do not trust your friends so much like your real friends. Also, some friends just suddenly become invisible. They are just your friends when you can still feel that "gap", and you know what I mean. 

Finding a real friend is a challenge to everyone. You can't buy friendship in the malls or somewhere else. That unique connection that you develop with a close (real) friend is difficult to develop. These days, it is hard to find someone who's brain's wavelength connects with you.  Now, my challenge is this, who are your "real friends" and "just friends"? What are your ways of categorizing people? Well, I'm quite curious,

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  1. I agree. It's hard to for me to know my "real friends" this day because I had experienced a backstabbing friend case and since then I have hard times to trust people. But, I still get friend with people but "just friends" :)


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