Sometimes I let my mind wander into the wilderness of my imaginations. I drown myself to the depths of my subconscious mind. I am overhelmed with the power of the human mind. It's power to create such vivid vision. I wonder how those ideas were beautifully crafted and created. Are the visions just a mere fiction or is there something more? Do these imaginations has something to do in the other dimension of the so called "real" world? How did the human mind ever think that a parallel universe may exist? Is it just an idea that popped out in a writer's head or is it a memory from a past?

Books, novels and movies that deals with different kind of dimension other than the real world entices me to reflect and think how could these ideas be existing. It may mean something more that most of us prefer not to care and bother. It could mean something that is beyond the posibilities here in this world. It may be something that contadicts the laws of nature and untrue. But things keep on evolving, like science, like animals and like us. Let us keep in mind that going to the moon was once impossible. Who knows, everything could turn around and all of your imaginations such as centaur, parallel world, speaking animals and plants may come to reality. 

My mind tricks me a lot. Perhaps all those mythical creatures exist in other world or perhaps its just me.

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