My kind of student life in UP.

I've been really busy these past few weeks. First, I'm busy eating countless power points and science related reading materials (like literally), next, I'm also an active member in my organization in school, and lastly, my dearest social life. It turned out that my social life became my last priority when I reached college. I think this is normal if you are studying in a state university. But of course, everything has its good side. Well, one of the advantages of studying here in UP is that you'll be attached to nature. UP is situated in a place where the urban and rural meets, so it’s like enjoying the perks of both worlds.

As you see above, trees are everywhere. Left to right is all green. I really love staring blankly in this area when I find time since my building is a few meters away from this building. It makes you realize a number of things. I can’t explain what those things are but it is something worthwhile.

Just this week, DULA 2014 started. It's like an intramurals in other schools. I’m not fond of dancing myself so I just cheered for my batch mates who joined different sports-related activities. Things like these make me love my student life. Memories like these are to cherish for a life time. One day, my student life shall end and all of these will just be a memory to linger on. When time shall make me older, these things will be my treasure.

Last Wednesday, I came in late in my 8:00am class. I reached the school 8:29 a.m. and so I doubt if I’ll still come to class. I blame the jeepney driver, and all innocent people which have contributed to my lateness. I didn’t pressure myself so instead, I went to somewhere where I can relax and sit until my next class.

I sat to a cottage and after sometime, I started reading an e-book entitled: Sophie’s World. My eyes are dropping and I lie down and looked blankly to the trees. Until I realized I must share it to the world and captured it. And here it goes; the picture above says it all. The cool and fresh breeze that touches your hair and your sweet face, it’s fascinating. Not every people have an opportunity like this especially when you are living at the center of the city. I am lucky to be experiencing these while at school. Most of my classmates complain about their schools. They hated to be in their school, while I love to be in here.

I wonder what you guys are up to. :) How's school?


  1. Aww, your campus is pretty! My campus is nice, but being in LA, there's not a lot of trees haha O__O
    I totally know how you feel about social life being a last priority in college! It's really hard to prioritize friends especially with assignments and exams coming up. However, I think what I've learned in the past few years is to really take advantage of what your school has to offer (whether its performances, trips, etc.) and to really enjoy and invest in friendships during college. Doing well academically is important, but I think being involved in things outside of academics is when I've learned most about myself, what I value, etc. :))


  2. Bihira lang ako sa UP and usually I only pass through or have a quick meal but I love it. I love the whole place, the feel of it, the crowd. It makes me miss my school (SLU). Maybe one of these days I'll go to UP and spend a longer time just appreciating it.

  3. your university looks really nice!! my university is located in the city, so there are not much trees here. There are trees here, but it's not really a place where you can sit down to relax :'D I wish the campus was a bit more green like yours.
    I agree. While people hate to be in the university, I sometimes find that there are only happy things that can happy inside the uni, rather than just staying in the dorm. I find it hard to drag myself to the campus when I have to wake up early, but it's not all that bad. Though, in my case, it's not about the campus environment, but more to social life XD


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