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This food post has something to do with one of my favorite drinks, the milk tea. Well, if you are to visit Davao City, different milk tea restaurants are built across the city. Kangaroo Cafe, Alley Cat, Coffee Cat and Green Cafe, just to name some. Truly, this lovely city is prigressing very rapidly that in just a year, lots and lots of milk tea restaurants arose.

Every weekend or every time I have vacant time, in which I rarely have, my friends and I try to take advantages of these milk tea restaurants. We are so food adventurous that we look forward to try one food to another. Our feet brought us in MTS (Matina Town Square). Well, this place is very calm and relaxing when the sun is still up but become a party ground when the sets. Usually, this place starts to be noisy at 8pm. Different bands will start to play and people will begin to drink and party.

I haven't taken a picture of the place since it didn't come in my mind but maybe, I'll try it next time. Well, there are a lot of milk teas to choose from! But I tried Wintermelon Rock Salt and Cheese and Macau. Based on my dull memory, the large sized will cost you Php 90 while the small one is in Php 80 something. I ordered the Winterwatermelon Rock Salt and Cheese in sized small tumbler. It is chocolate flavored and my taste buds loved the taste since I am a chocolate lover. It has some sago and it and you won't really regret to try it if you have a sweet tooth.

Macau is a different story though. I ordered it in large size tumbler. At the first sip, all I can taste is a tea with a bitter taste as an after taste. At first, I didn't appreciate it. It is topped with some creamy cheese. Until when I am halfway, I thought of mixing the mixture and POOF! I never thought that it would be this good! It is not as sweet as the Wintermelon but it has an adorable taste since it has a cheese on its top. Well for me, it’s not main stream like the winterwatermelon and definitely worth a try!

Personal Picks: Wintermelon Rock Salt and Cheese and Macau (Haven't tried the other milk teas).

Budget: Php 50 (if you are to order the small size tumbler) to Php 150 per milk tea.

VALUE: ★★★★ ★(Affordable!)
ATMOSPHERE:★★★★☆ (The place is okay, not too spacious, they also have this post-note messages from the customers.)
SERVICE:★★★★☆ (Good.)
FOOD:★★★★★ (I recommend this!)

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