Aling Foping's Halo-halo

In relation to my post, Jelly Citea, this next food review is still found at the MTS (Matina Town Quare). As you see, I visit this place often. Well, this place used to be plain with just bench and play grounds around. First of all, I am not a drinker or a party person; I simply visit this place because it has lots of new restaurants and foods to be tried on. One day, my blogger friends, Jonas and Kevin wanted me to try Aling Foping's Halo-halo and so, this is the post is all about.

I regretted for not taking pictures of the place that time but it’s just a simple place. It is not air-conditioned so that you would enjoy the cool breeze of the air while eating your halo-halo. The halo-halo comes in a medium sized plastic container. Upon ordering, they will be giving a checklist and you must choose at the maximum of six items to be added on your halo-halo. Good thing I chose the best ingredients namely Langka, Leche Flan, Pinipig, Red Mongo, Saba and Ube.

The checklist

Personal Picks: Please refer to my chechlist

Budget: Php 85 to Php100
VALUE: ★★★★☆☆(The price, for me as a student, is a bit high.)
ATMOSPHERE:★★★★☆ (The place is good as you can breathe fresh air..)
SERVICE:★★★★☆ (Good.)
FOOD:★★★★☆ (Creamy halo-halo)

Me, Kevin and Jonas :)


  1. Wow! Mukhang masarap. :)
    Visit my blog?


  2. But I thought you didn't like their halo-halo, you said it taste too normal for an expensive afternoons delight


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