Toryano's Chicken Haus

This post will just be quick but I'll be reviewing the Toryano's Chicken Haus that is located at The Peak, Gaisano. There are lots of Toryano's Chicken haus branch in the city but we are Gaisano at that moment so we tried it.

We ate there last June 7, 2014, after the Etsy Craft Party that was hosted at the Yellow Hauz, along with my friends. Well, it is basically a restaurant whose specialty is focused mainly on grilled menu such as pork and chicken. But other than that, they also offer other menu such as pancit and etc.

I'm ready to eat!

Toryano's Chicken haus
Well, this restaurant offer different kinds of combo meals. Every combo meal is equivalent to an unli rice (horaay!). Filipinos, like me, surely like unlirice menu. For this post, I'll be reviewing their cheapest combo meal and the price plays somewhere in Php60 - Php70. Their combo 1 meal is equivalent to two (2) pork barbecues, an atsal and an unlimited rice.

The pork barbeque tastes is good and tender. It is really tasty and worth your money. Well just to say, I would prefer eating here and spending extra 10-15 pesos rather than eating in fast food chains. In addition to that, this barbecue is just like the other barbeques that are being served in the other restaurants. Not really something special but surely something that is worth your budget.

Well, you might want to try their other combo since they also offer native chicken and pork chop meal.

Toryano's Combo Meal #1

Toryano's Combo Meal #1 (plus an unlimited rice)

I just realized something, maybe they can make their services faster. My friends and I waiter for several minutes and we have to follow up our orders. I'm also quite surprised because it's not a busy hour and there were only few customers.

I've also searched the net and found same reviews. Well, there is still a big room for improvement.

(Left to Right) Kathrina, Me and Carl

(Left to Right) Kathrina, Me and Carl

I picked the top four important points in reviewing this restuarant and here it goes:

Budget: To avail the cheapest order, your budget must be Php 70 (Combo 1). Drinks are not included.

VALUE: ★★★★☆ ( Well, its affodable.)
ATMOSPHERE:★★★☆☆ (It's air conditioned)
SERVICE:☆☆ (There's still a room for improvement in terms of service)
FOOD:☆☆ (The food is okay.)

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