Overcoming Procrastination.

Hi readers! How are you? For today's topic, I am going to discuss something that everyone can relate. This is something we have in common, well if not, at least most of us. It's PROCRASTINATION. You guilty? Well, I am too. First, let's define procrastionation. According to the, it is an act to to delay doing something until a later time because you do not want to do it, because you are lazy. Seems right isn't? Life is simple but we make it complicated. Every time we procrastinate things that must be done today, and then do it again tomorrow, the tendency is that it will load on the weekend. Then you'll feel overloaded and desperate! Instead of just relaxing, having a cup of tea and listening to some soothing music during the weekend, you are cramming for things that will be submitted next week. Then you would blame yourself every weekend why you didn't do it during the weekdays. That becomes a cycle. It's like an cycle of infinity, it never ends. That cramming part is already a stress. To make this short, you are making your life miserable and stressful! You know that this stresses you out but you never act to stop it.

I am a procrastinator myself and as much as possible, I would like to control this urge to procrastinate. I always tell myself, "Oh, I'm tired, maybe I can do that after breakfast". Then the moment after breakfast, lots of distractions arises. DISTRACTIONS. How could you focus yourself if you are surrounded with distractions? Well, the answer is DISCIPLINE. It's hard to attain and it requires a daily practice. Start disciplining your thoughts. Your mind is like the mitochondria of a cell. It is the cell's power producer. Think something productive and think of doing it. Don't listen to the liar voice in your head which says, "Oh, I'm tired, I want to procrastinate". With the correct thoughts, you can give power to your body to accomplish the tasks.

To overcome procrastination, learn to set goals. Example, " I must finish this before the day ends...etc". Next is to set a reward system everytime you accomplish a task. Treat yourself for lunch once you have finished the task or give yourself a gift. The next step is one of the hardest step which is stop making excuses and complaning. Forget about the excuses, just do it! As I said, control yourself. Discipline. Lastly, Just say, I'll do it", and do it!


  1. i really need to start doing this TT i procrastinate things too much...

  2. Interesting post :) If you learned to set and prioritize everything, it will be easy for you also to practice time management.


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