Ice Giants at Quimpo Boulevard, Davao

Last September, 2013, my college friends and I went to the Ice Giants located somewhere in Quimpo Boulevard and just a few kilometers away from SM, Ecoland. This post does not have lots of pictures because I'm not a stable blogger those days and I don't capture pictures that much. These photos are just saved pictures from my device

If you feel stressed due to warm weather, then this post will fill up your needs! Welcome to Ice Giants. Ice Giants offers snacks and desserts.

TOP (Left to right) Chocolate Titans
BOTTOM (Left to right) a chocolate pizza
Chocolate Titans
This mouth-watering and chocolate filled bowl will sweep away your stress from school and work! Chocolate ice cream + marshmallows + chocolate stick-o + Chocolate candies = Chocolate Titans! I recommend this menu to everyone especially to those who has a sweet tooth! I forgot how much this costs but I think it ranges from Php300 - Php400. This is good for 5-6 persons.

The chocolate pizza made  with marsmallows, cream and some Kitkat chocolate wafers. I also love this, but I the pizza is too small for its price. Well, I'm not satisfied with this one but it's okay. The price ranges from Php300 to Php400.

The ambiance inside
The ceiling has some cuvy shape which is very attractive and also, some colorful circles.

Chocolate pizza.

Well, if you are to ask me about their service, I should say that I love it because they are very accommodating. Plus, they are also like cosplayers. I really love thair fancy uniform but I failed to capture it.

If you are also to ask me if ever I'll return to this place, definitely I will! This is one of my favorite food stalls here in Davao.

Buget: Php 300-500 to avail their Chocolate Titans good for 5-6 persons.

VALUE: ★★★☆☆
FOOD:★☆ ☆ 

Ice Giants, Quimpo Boulevard unfortunately does not have a facebook page, but another branch from Davao which is in Damosa.

Address: Damosa Gateway Complex, Mamay Rd, Davao 8000
Phone:(082) 235 2168

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