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Last July 5, 2014, I had discovered another restaurant in Davao City, along with the Davao Bloggers. It is located at Matina Town Square or commonly known as MTS. It is inline with the other restaurants but this restaurant has something uniqueness to share. The food that are being served in the Stairwell is inspired by the Filipino Cuisines. 

All about the name "The Stairwell" :
The first location of the restaurant is near the stairs so that's how it got its name. But it was transferred on the corner, and the kitchen is still near the stairs. It is literally near the stairs.

How it started? :
This was just a dream came true. One of the owners just graduated dentistry and just passed the board exams. Her clinic is also at the Matina Town Square (MTS) just a few meters away from The Stairwell. She says that with the help of the some close friends, The Stairwell was born.


Appetizers which includes sauces.
A top view of the first batch of food served.
Croquetas de Jamon (Php 98)
Croquetas de Jamon is just one of my favorites. It has a crispy texture and a taste that can makes you crave for more. It's perfect saltiness and crispiness would make you miss to eat rice.

Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup (Php 78)
This is one of the best I've tasted! It's creamy and tastes like there's a cheese mixed with it. I is served with toasted breads. I even love the toasted breads and they perfectly match together. I even dipped the toasted bread to the soup. It has a velvety texture. Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup is a medley of seasoned fresh mushrooms and cream.

A closer look of Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup (Php 78)
Imbao Chowder (P78)
It has also a creamy texture just like the Creamy of Wild Mushroom. It is made from "Imbao" or seashells. This creative soup amazed me because I'm not really a fan of sea food but this really tastes good!

A closer look of Imbao Chowder (P78)

Gambas All Ajillo (Php288)
Another dish is known as Gambas All Ajillo is made from "Gambas" or shrimp. This is skinless so it is ready to eat. It is fully seasoned that will make your mouth water just from the smell of it. It is made from shrimps sauteed in mounds of garlic and olive oil with a hint of jalapeno kick

Stairwell’s Signature Sisig (P198)
This Stairwell's Signature sisig is a sizzling medley of various cuts of pork meat and entrails, fried and served with all the trimmings. I would love to eat this all over again! This is not made from the typical intestines or internal organs or "lamang loob". It has an egg on the top, lemon and a cream. These are mixed and it's spicy, just to spice up your apetite.

Dinakdakan (Php158)
Dinakdakan is actually a pride of ilocano. It is a fried pork meat that is entrailed in a secret blend of spicy white sauce. It is finely chopped and stringed beans are added. A lemon is also squeezed first to the viand to perfect the taste.

Fish Fingers and Pesto Cream (Php 168)
Fish Fingers and Pesto Cream must be included to your food list. It is a dory fillet, breaded and fried to a crisp; served with pesto cream dipping sauce. It is crispy and has a cheese-taste cream. It is perfect with rice or just eat it alone.

(BEST SELLER)Stairwell’s Signature Chicken Pepper Steak (Php 258)
Stairwell’s Signature Chicken Pepper Steak is a must try. It is a generously seasoned boneless chicken, grilled to perfection. It is also a best seller.

Beef Salpicao (Php278)
Beef Salpicao is another perfect dish that would make you forget your diet. The meat is chunky and chewable. It is made from beef tenderloin chunks sauteed in garlic and olive oil with a hint of jalapeno kick.

Twice-Baked Oriental Chicken with rice (Php 138)
Twice-Baked Oriental Chicken with rice looks like a Chicken barbecue but it's chunkier and juicier. It is a a hefty serving of sweet-salty flavors in our flavorfully tender baked chicken. It is another crowd favorite.

Salisbury Steak with rice (Php108 Single / 158 Double)
Salisbury Steak with rice is one of my favorites. The meat itself is soft and tender. It is easy to eat and won't require a lot of chewing. It is fully seasoned that would make you crave for more. It looks like a bun for hamburger but it's more aromatic. It is made from their signature beef patties, pan seared and served sizzling with gravy

Lumpiang Sariwa (Fresh Lumpia) (Php 78)
If you are a vegetarian or living a healthy lifestyle, try their Lupiang Sariwa. It comes with a sauce with perfectly combine the taste of veggies. It is a mix of pork and vegetables wrapped in a delicate soft crepe.

Lumpia sauce.
Spiced Beef and Cheese Roll-ups (Php 138)
Spiced Beef and Cheese Roll-ups is a seasoned ground beef, cheese, and whole jalapenos, fried to a crisp. It is perfect if matched with beer or other alcoholic drinks.

Spiced Beef and Cheese Roll-ups (Php 138)
Nachos Supreme (php 198)
A closer look of Nachos Supreme (php 198)
Nachos Supreme is made from a mound of tortilla chips, salsa cruda, seasoned beef, and cheese sauce. This is best shared with friends.

Grilled Chicken and Salsa on Pita Crisps (Php 128)
Grilled Chicken and Salsa on Pita Crisps is from grilled chicken slices and freshly made salsa cruda on fried pita strips. This is an appetizer.

Stairwell’s Signature Lasagna (Php 158)
Stairwell's Signature Lasagna is a hearty meat sauce over layered lasagna, finished off with double béchamel cream. Well, this is one of my favorites and I would definitely go back just to try this one again!

A closer look of the Stairwell’s Signature Lasagna (Php 158)
The creamy and velvety texture of this Lasagna is remarkable!

Second Batch (TOP) Left to right: Appetizers
(BOTTOM) Left to right: Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup and Imbao Chowder

Third Batch

Durian Crepe
A closer look of Durian Crepe
As a Durian lover, one of the unforgettable experience is eating this Durian Crepe. It's one in a thousands. Well, I became really addicted to it.

The theme of The Stairwell:
This restaurant is inspired by industrial revolution. Before the restaurant was born, the owner used to travel to different places that made her adore bricks and themes that is related to industrialization. In addition to that, I also love the lighting inside the restaurant. It uses natural lights and it does not need to turn on the lights especially in the morning. 

The Stairwell

The Stairwell (front)

The tables outside.

Some vintage decorations on the counter.
More Vintage decorations.
At the counter.
The counter
Stairs to the second floor.

Interesting decors on the stairs.
They also sell cookies

A banner.
Outside of the restaurant

A group photo with the Davao Bloggers and the owner.


Buget: The prices are included on each post. Preferably Php200 and up.

VALUE: ★★★★★ (For me, it's affordable and it has the quality)
ATMOSPHERE:★★★★★ ( I surely love the atmosphere. If you want to be in an air conditioned room, you can go inside. If not, you can enjoy the breeze of natural air outside)
SERVICE:★★★★★ (Very accommodating)
FOOD:★★★★★ ( Every food is just perfect.)

Well, this restaurant received 5 stars from the four categories.

The Stairwell
"A Matter of taste..."

Stall No. 1, Row of Restaurants,
Matina Town Square,
MacArthur Highway,
Davao City 

Contact number: 082.302.5451
GLOBE 0917-701-5372
SUN  0925-800-2323
SMART 0999-347-9923

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