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If you are a k-pop fan or love the Korean culture, this post of for you! Well, this is my first time to try authentic Korean dishes and I tried it with Bulgogi Brothers.

Last July 10, 2014, Bulgogi Brothers conducted a food media roll-out for the existing promo. Bloggers were invited to try their platters, Korean BBQ specials, and affordable lunch set meals.When I entered the restaurant, I was pleased when the staffs greeted me “annyeonghaseyo” which means “Hello” in English. We were seated on the corner of the said restaurant and everything is already set.

The free appetizers

They offer free appetizers while waiting for your order. The appetizers are very healthy and light. Basically, you have something to munch while waiting and you won’t just wait impatiently. For me, it’s a plus point because it very uncommon. Mostly consists of light veggies such as Sweet Corn, Sweet Potato (Kamote), and Quail Eggs (Itlog ng Pugo). They also have this tea of the day which is very unique. For this day, Bora Cha or Barley Tea is the tea of the day. The good thing with tea is that it’s healthy and bottomless. You can always ask for a refill! These could really boost your metabolism for the main courses.

They also have free vegetable plate which generally contains Spinach Salad, Kimchi, and Kangkong. In addition to this, it’s bottomless! It’s spicy and a little sweet which will match any main courses.

Bulgogi Bibimbap Set 

They offer Korean set promos for only 295. Some of the promos include Bulgogi Bibimbap Set and Korean Pork Belly Set. Bulgogi is a Korean dish which contains thin slices of grilled beef, mixed vegetables, egg and rice. This serving is normally good for two. I have never been in an authentic Korean restaurant before so it’s my first time to taste an authentic Korean dish so I can’t compare this to other restaurants. In my opinion, it’s one of their best menus and I would recommend the readers to try this out. It also comes along with a chili paste. Both are presented with fried sweet potatoes, corn and salad.

Korean Pork Belly Set
I also love the Korean Pork Belly Set because the meat is chunky and not dry. It comes along with a complement vegetable. Good thing that these promos comes with a cup of rice. If it’s not enough, a cup of rice costs Php 75.00. They also have Seafood Soybean Stew set and Beef Bulgogi Set. Each set costs Php 295. Each set is to share. This offer is only for dine in.

Kimchi jjigae 
Kimchi jjigae is the next menu. Some people call it Kimchi Stew. It is made basically made with Kimchi, diced Tofu, pork and some seafood. I never thought that the outcome would taste so good. It is of course, spicy but it is tolerable. It has a strong aroma because of Kimchi. It is best ordered with Soju. It costs Php 250. It’s Buy 1 take 1 only from July 15-Aug 8, 2014.

They also offer Pork Belly BBQ for Php 495, Salmon Fillet BBQ for Php595 and Top Blade Steak BBQ for Php 595. I love this Salmon Fillet BBQ. It tastes healthy and yummy.

Salmon Fillet BBQ 
The beef is cooked by an attendant in fron of us. All of the meat is cooked well done. The onions and sweet potato is also cooked, along with the meat.

While cooking
Well it's my first time to experience this, cooking the meat in front of you. I find it nice because your mouth will water as you smell the aroma of the meat while it is being cooked. It excites my tongue and making me crave more.

While cooking
Aside from the Bulgogi and kimchi dishes, you can also enjoy their Korean barbecue specials. They serve pork, beef and fish depending on your preferences. They offer Php 795 combinations which includes Salmon Fillet & L.A Style Beef, Salmon Fillet & Boneless Short Ribs and the Salmon Fillet & Top Blade Steak.

L.A. Beef, Top Blade Fillet and Boneless Short Ribs

Salmon Fillet and L.A. Style Beef
Trivia: L.A Style beef is a cut from beef short ribs thinly across the bone. The pieces are long and thin. It also has three bone sections in it. Beef short ribs tends to be meatier and tendier compare to its meat counterpart, spare ribs. 
Finished product of L.A Beef with the sauce plate:
(Left to Right) Spicy Sauce, Salt and Pepper and Ssamjang
The finished product tastes really yummy and tasty. The aroma will linger in your nose that will make you forget that you're on a diet. I tried the three flavorings in the sauce plate and they all taste great with the meat.

Finished product of L.A. Beef, Top Blade Fillet and Boneless Short Ribs (Mixed)
Well done meat is cooked already! We mixed the three, L.A. Beef, Top Blade Fillet and Boneless Short Ribs , in the plate. This dish will make you eat rice more. Very tasty.

L.A. Beef, Top Blade Fillet and Boneless Short Ribs (Mixed)

The interior of the restaurant.
The interior of the restaurant looks very professional. Its is also best for meetings.

Picture Perfect

Sweet Delights.

The lights.

The ambiance is korean inspired as if you are in Korea.

The team.


Buget: The prices are included on each post. Preferably Php300 and up.

Best Food: Bulgogi Bibimbap Set for Php 295. Just to say, this is my favorite among them all, it's affordable and very yummy! It's a must try

VALUE: ★★★★☆ (There are affordable meals while some platters costs 500-900)
ATMOSPHERE:★★★★☆ ( The atmosphere is relaxing and great for family or friends bonding)
SERVICE:★★★★★ (Very accommodating )
FOOD:★★★★☆ ( Every food is just perfect.)

Bulgogi Brothers Davao Branch.
SM Lanang Premier
Store Hours: 10:00 am to 9:00 pmLocation: Level 2, Fountain Court, Davao City
tel. no. +63 (02) 285-2593

Bulgogi Brothers are also available at these areas

Greenbelt 5
Level 3
tel. no. +63 (02) 621-5289 / +63 (02) 621-6216
SM Mall of Asia
Level 2, South Veranda, Entertainment Mall
tel. no. +63 (02) 511-0639

Alabang Town Center
Lower G/L, The Garden
tel. no. +63 (02) 919-6840 / +63 (02) 754-1476

Harbor Point
Ground Level, Riverwalk, Subic Freeport
tel. no. +63 (02) 251-0017 / +63 (02) 251-0019

You can visit their website at You may follow the official hashtage #BulgogiDavao
Le Selfie while eating Melona. It's so yummy!

How about you readers? Are you a fan of Korean dishes? Have you tried Bulgogi Brothers? 


  1. I envy you! Gimessage ko ni Ate Algene about this event kaso, this Sunday lang nako nabasa. </3

  2. Try Somang Kimchi across Victoria Plaza and the other one in the Victoria Plaza Compound and oh, the new Itaewon Resto in Matina just across McDo. :)

  3. im a kpop fan, but haven't tried any of their food (one bcos most of their foods are spicy lol)
    we like mag sigeg labay-labay on that area cos they play kpop mvs!! :))
    btw, how much are their pangtoa? lol

  4. Medyo ok ra ang presyo. Ang salmon steak lagi looks frozen. Is their goguma fried?

    Everything looks inviting. I'll keep this place in mind if makauli mi sa Davao. My husband is from there.

    1. Di naman siya frozen. :) See you there! :)

  5. Sounds great! I never know what to order when I go! xo

  6. Hello Lysa :)
    Thanks a lot for dropping by to my blog :)

    Wow, sarap naman jan. I'm a big fan of Korean foods too!

  7. Everything looks delicious!!!!! This post made me really hungry.

  8. I think the only reason I will want to go back to this restaurant is because of that tea. I really LOVE their barley tea. However, for a Korean restaurant, I wasn't really impressed with their menu. The appetizers are so cheap and their menu is sort of overpriced. The beef taste regular too. If you want Korean foods, I recommend you to go to authentic Korean restaurant.


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