Amish yogurt from Bahay ni Tuding Inn & Resto

Bahay ni Tuding Inn and Resto signage that can be seen from the Mercury Drug Store.
If you are looking for healthy desserts and snacks, this post os for you! Last June 27-28, 2014, "Bahay ni Tuding" just celebrated their third year anniversary. With regards to this, they have this "All day Yogurt Buffet bar". The place is located in San Pedro Street, near the Mercury Drug. It is located at the back of the Mercury Drug, that is why it is not visibly seen from the main streets. But if you pay attention, there is a logo and sign board that signifies that Bahay ni Tuding is just a few meters away from the main streets.

The place.
Frankly, this is my first time to visit this place. I never heard this before but I am pleased to visit this place. This place would remind me of the Spanish era we had before. They have veranda on the second and third floor but unfortunately, we haven't reached it .

The hallway to the event area.
The place is pretty nice and clean and the staffs are very accommodating and friendly. Well for me, its a plus points.

The lovely buffet table.
A closer look.
There are a variety of toppings to choose from. They have chocolates, colorful and different kinds of cereals, monggo, pretsels, fruits including avocado and such. They also have colorful sprinkles. You can mix anything you want according to your taste buds.

For me, avocado, some cereals and sprinkles is perfect for my yogurt. It really tasted good. Well, the yogurt has a nice and smooth texture. It is a consistent velvety cream. I believe this is healthy because according to the staff, these are home-made, which means less preservatives are added. I believe that it is healthy and worth your money.

The prices of the yogurt is Php 30 per cup or Php 150 per pint. They also sell yogurt shake. Available flavors are Tamarind, Avocado, Milo, Durian, Mangosteen, and Banana.

A closer look. It looks yummy and mouth-watering.
(Left to right). I and Leamie, my buddy.
Myself at their lobby.

Bahay ni Tuding Inn & Resto
160 San Pedro Street
Davao City, 8000, Philippines

Telephone: +6382-295-2487
Mobile: +63947-361-3544
Facebook: Bahay ni Tuding
Email: tuding[dot]reservations[at]gmail[dot]com


  1. Nice post and photos. :)
    The place looks nice.
    I hope I can visit Davao soon and dine here.


  2. I miss eating yogurt! Wanna eat it again soon! :D

  3. getting a tubful tomorrow :)


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