Snoe Beauty Abreeza Grand Opening, Davao

Last June 15, I was one of the invited bloggers to participate the Snow beauty launching at the Abreeza Mall of Davao. The event took place at the second floor, fronting Watsons. Upon arriving there, they served some food from Rancheros. Hmmm. The food is perfect.

Snoe Beauty is a proudly Filipino brand which just reached Davao and uses the best ingredients available to their products. In addition to this, the packaging is a vintage inspired and spunky, which make them more interesting.

A selfie with the banner
Catering services by the Rancheros
By the Rancheros
Sandwich and lumpia from Rancheros ( a closer look)

Gelatin, Sandwich and a Lumpia from Rancheros
Snoe Beauty Loot Bags
Snoe Beauty Loot bags
Launching of Snoe Beauty 
Makeup Demo
Jen Diaz, the CEO, welcomed us warmly as she also showed us a makeup demo using their products. She is already in her mid thirties, but she does not look like one. She said that while still young, we must start caring for our skin, such as putting some SPF to protect it from the sun. While doing the demo, she also entertained some questions. 

Their products have unique names, an example of this is the Hair Heroes, which is one of their hair styling product. According to her, the name Hair Heroes came up to her mind because when she was in the process of creating the product, avengers was too mainstream that her children were addicted to it. Basically, her products have something to do with her day to day life. She even named some of her products from her best friends. Basically, the products are personalized.

While the Makeup Demo is ongoing.

Jen Diaz

The makeup and brushes used during the demo
The products are also made depending on the needs, for example, she has a very thin eyebrows. In this way, she has came up with the idea of making a water-resistant eyebrow gel. This is helpful especially when she is at the gym, because the sweat won’t ruin the eyebrows.

The Snoe Beauty Stall

Some of their products

Sample products from Snoe beauty

Her inspiration of innovating these cosmetic products is her favorite make up brand back then. Not only that, she has made it better. She has added some special formula like for example in the makeup; she has formulated it with anti-acne properties. Some also has some anti-aging formula and a built in SPF. 

Snoe Beauty sun blocks and lotions

Snoe Beauty products
The people are busy buying the products.

My sister of and I.

From the Snoe Beauty, I'll post reviews soon.
I am so please to invited in their launching in Abreeza. I'll be posting some Snoe Beauty reviews soon so watch out for my future posts. Follow #SnoeBeauty #Snoedavao #DavaoBloggers #DBSthebest for more updates.

You can visit these websites to get in touch with Snoe Beauty.
Official Website:
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  1. I would visit the stall soon, it seems like they have a very effective product. You are so lucky because you were invited for the product.

  2. A kind of event fitting for beauty and fashionista like you! Love the dress.

  3. what an awesome event...I so love your chevron style dress!

  4. You have such a sweet smile! It looks like it was a fun event, even giving away their products in loot bags.

  5. Seems a grand store opening. Davao, is a paradise for business entrepreneurs.

  6. That's a pretty good business! Perfect for all the beautyholics out there!

  7. Nice to know that there are emerging all Pinoy beauty brands. You sure look like you had fun :-)

  8. What an exciting event and interesting products to try! There's a Snoe stall in the mall near us. I gotta go check out some of their items.

  9. Good thing you had so much fun in this event! And they've arrived here in Davao! Now there's more reason to stop by at Snoe. :)


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