Movie review: Artificial Intelligence (2001)

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Haley Joel Osment as David
Robots these days are widely known to the human race ever since. Simple robots became complicated in structure as time passes, as the inventors try to imitate the human body and the brain. It is not shocking, with these advances we have today, that one day, human race might create a robot that can also act and has emotions like a human. This movie depicts the future of our technology. Could robots replace the human race? What would happen if the human race will extinct? What will happen to the future?

Jake Thomas as Martin Swinton
Artificial intelligence is an intelligence what machines has. Software is also under this kind of intelligence. A human-like artificial robot was adopted by a couple who has a son whose condition is critical. As time passes, certain disadvantages has come up a long the way.

The robot, whose name is David, has to surrender back to the company for disposal. Unfortunately, Monica, his "mom" developed an affection and care towards David so instead, she abandoned the boy in the forest along  with the teddy bear who is also a robot. 

David met Gigolo Joe along the way and exprienced adventures. At the end, what the boy wants is to be real in order to be accepted by Monica, his "mom".

This story is about a real love towards a boy to his mom. This story is an adventure of an A.I boy who wants to be a real boy to be accepted. His love is real but he is not.

Frances O'Connor as Monica Swinton

Jude Law as Gigolo Joe
WIlliam Hurt as Professr Allen Hobby
The robotic teddy bear
The Cover.

This movie has a good plot and I recommend this to everyone. This is worth your time.


  1. sounds like a great film! i actually downloaded it yesterday after i read this post hehehe thanks

    1. You'll never regret watching this movie. Anyway, I'll post more movie reviews soon :)

  2. hmm.. how quaint, wonder who the bloke that recommended this movie to you :))

  3. I think you already knew him because he looks like you. Send my gratitude to him for recommending this good movie.

  4. I remember watching that movie many years ago, I forgot half of the story. Maybe I should watch it again.. he's a very talented kid! :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

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  6. That movie is good. I've watched that twice already. :) btw your blog button is on my blog now. Thanks for the swap. Looking forward to read more of your posts. Have a Good Day and Advance Happy Fathers Day to your Dad!

    -Jeane :)


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