Etsy Craft Party 2014 at Yellow Hauz

I saw an ad on Davao Blogger’s Twitter regarding this Etsy Craft Party Event. Knowing that it is related with scrapbooking and I can invite my friends to go with me, I joined immediately the said event. Last June 7, 2014, the Etsy Craft Party was held in the Yellow Hauz, it’s a It was organized by Teresa Delos Santos-Sala of ( in coordination of April San Pedro of ( It is a worldwide event by Etsy and a one day scrapbooking and crafting event. The theme is recapture, to bring new meaning to photographs. The registration is free and we were just asked to bring pictures. Too bad my bestfriend, Jaiza, can't come due to certain circumstance. 

We arrived there at 1:30p.m. Good thing that the program has not started yet. Upon arriving there, I suddely loved the ambiance of the place. I am so excited to get photos of the place and of the scrap booking materials. Some if the materials are new to me so I was amazed that certein things like those do exist.

Things for scrapbooking.
At the Yellow Hauz.
Cute Giveaways.

A closer look of the giveaways.
The materials that I am ignorrant of.
Some great stamps with quotes that can be used in your scrapbook.
More stamps that can be used.
Some of April's crafts.
Some colorful stamps and glitters.
(Left to right) Lea Anne, Leamie, Kathrina, Carl and me.
My materials for the scrap book making
Cute materials for the scrap book making.
The funny thing when we were making these scrap books is that we were running out of ideas. There were so many stamps, glitters, color pencils, etc to choose from and we do not know which one to use. But then, we just stop and talk for a while about random things just to let our minds breathe. For me, it is an effective remedy for things like this. It is also a good thing that through this, we bond together just like the highschool times when we do art things in the classroom. It's such a reminsce.

Our messy table.
The people are busy making scrapbooks.
(UP:Left to Right) Scrap book of Lea Anne and Mine
(Bottom: Left to Right) Scrap book of Carl, Leamie and Kathrina
Tadaa! We are so proud of the outcome! Looks great and creative.

A closer look of our scrap books.
Busy people.
We were so busy making scrap books and at the same time, enjoying the perfect ambiance.
Goodies that I received. Got addicted to this!
I got three cupcakes and cherished each one. I love the velvety feeling of each in my tongue. The other one tastes like a strawberry, while the other one tastes like cheese. Im drooling again!

Some of the cute crafts by Ms. April
(Left to Right) Kathrina, me, Ma'am Teresa, Leamie and Leanne.
In front of the Yellow hauz (Left to Right) me, Kathrina, Leamie and Leanne.
We are so pleased to be here. Thanks for making this event possible, until next time! Yellow Hauz is located at V. Mapa Street 8000 Davao City). You can visit their page at . Ms. April San Pedro is also conducting activities regading crafts, for more information, you can visit her website at


  1. It seems interesting! I wish I can attend an event like this one. Haha. Reading your post makes me jealous in a good way. XD Gotta be artsy every once in a while.

  2. This is the kind of event that my daughter would surely enjoy!

  3. I often receive a promotional offer from Etsy store , i didn't know that much about this company until i read this post. I love homemade craft and this event looks so much fun.

  4. Looks like an event loaded with so much fun and cool goodies to boost! I so love the colourful giveaways!

  5. such a nice event! haven't been to any craft events yet as some invites i refused to go too as i am not into crafting hehe. maybe i'll give it a go next time after seeing this! lovely photos

  6. Paper scrapping gets my creative juices flowing. The only problem is finding the time to sit down and actually do it. It's therapeutic too.

    Glad you enjoyed the event :-)

  7. What a fun event! I'm not a creative person, but I sure would like to learn a thing or two about scrapbooking.

  8. I am no good at scrapbooking and never wished to learn. But I like the idea of business establishments specially in Davao holding such event. Seems you did have a fun experience.

  9. It seems you did have fun. Don't worry about not knowing much about the materials. As with everything, give it time. Thanks for sharing! BTW, hello to the people of Davao! :)

  10. Awww! I bet this party is so much to be part of and learn at the same time :-) Perfect for all crafts enthusiasts :-)

  11. A very nice and simple way to learn more about crafts...nice party to have

  12. how cool is that...just right in my ally! I love doing arts and crafts...seems like you guys had fun!

  13. People who are into crafts simply amaze me because this hobby requires a great deal of patience and creativity :)

  14. those are very cute give-aways, am glad to see a lot of creativity nourished these days, I guess because of the sharing we have over internet, and also, of the possibility to earn from it

  15. you had fun for sure...i love scrapbooking too and i plan to made 1 for my daughter.


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