Carmen's Garden Bistro

Davao is a progressing city. Different business stalls are emerging in Davao City, especially the food related businesses such as Yakimix and Vikings. With regards to this, one of the newest restaurant in Davao City which offers fine dining is the Carmen's Garden Bistro. This is just a small restaurant nearby the main streets of Quirino, Davao City.

Last May 30, we had a blogger’s dinner at the Carmen's Garden Bistro, Ping Low Building (fronting Javajive Quirino), Davao City. I am not familiar with the place so my sister and I took a time to find it. It is near from the Barbecue Boss, Quirino. Well, if you are facing the Barbecue boss, Carmen’s Garden Bistro will just be a few meters to your left.

The stairs to the second floor.

The circular pinoy inspired ceiling
The logo at the entrance
As for the history, the name of the restaurant came from the owner’s grandmother. They have a picture of her near the stairs. As we entered the place, a soothing music thrilled us. Usually, an acoustic song is played live but what made the music special is that a saxophone is being played along with the guitar. The combination is perfect as well as the wooden ambiance. The ceiling has some colorful circles. This is actually a pinoy fiesta inspired décor. The furniture used is iron wood which is very durable and at the same time very pleasing to look at.
A portait near the stairs
French Onion Soup.

A closer look of French Onion Soup. (Php 145)

For the appetizer, a French onion soup was served. It is made from beef broth and some special oil. The smell is very aromatic as it can lure your tongue.

The vegetables and fruits with the four delicious sauces.

The colorful veggies and fruits.

Fresh vegetables are served before the main course along with the four different sauces. Vegetables like cucumber and carrots and fruits like green apples, pomelo and mangoes are served. A thousand islands and cheesy honey are just some of the sauces that are great to taste.

For the pinoy viand, Beef caldereta was served. I love the chunkiness of the beef. The good thing with this viand is that it is not too oily. It’s just right.

The Beef Caldereta (php370)

Just a closer look of the Beef Caldereta.
 Next food is the steak. With regards to the presentation, I suddenly remembered my last food tour, the white house. This steak comes along with sweet potato which greatly suits each other. The gravy also tastes nice with the steak.

The steak with the mashed potato. (Php 600)

A closer look to the steak.
The overflowing of the cravy is mouth-watering.
My personal favorite among them all is the paella. This scrumptious dish has made me drool over and over again. Each ingredient is just perfect. I love how the yellow rice tastes. It has eggs, crab, onions, pork meat, vegetables, shrimps, and oyster. This dish is best for family gatherings and such.

Traditional Italian Paella. Php 727(family: good for 6-8 people), Php 1,129 (fiesta: good for 10-15 people)
My plate. *burp*
For the dessert, dark chocolate mousse, chocolate fundant and cheese cake were served. This dessert is not sweet but creamy. People who are not fond of sweets can actually try this out. The chocolate mousse has a velvety chocolate at the bottom. Cheese cake has chocolate toppings. I would love to try this over again!

Choco Mousse, Choco Fundant and Cheese Cake

Choco Mousse and Choco Fundant.
The Cheese cake with choclate toppings (drools)
I've got no concerns with the food. It's just maybe next time their employees will be more knowledgeable about the food (names etc). It is expected that people will be asking about things with  regards to the food. At least they know the basics. Another thing is that, they may also considering adding some twist to their dishes. But overall, I love the place. Sanitary?Check. Food? Check. Easy Access? Check. The place is nearby the main road so it's easy to transport from there.

Just a last post to their receiving area.
The Davao Bloggers with their manager. Photo Courtesy of Natalie Jill Lim
Buget: Php 200 to avail the cheapest full meal (per person)

VALUE: ★★★☆☆ (It's affordable)
ATMOSPHERE:★★★★☆ (I am in love with their wooden chairs and tables)
SERVICE: (Very accommodating)
FOOD: (It's okay.)

You can visit their facebook page: and you may contact them with their email:


  1. omg the steak looks YUMZ and the desserts ahhh Choco Mousse, Choco Fondant and Cheese Cake are all my fav omg I must try this restaurant out one day, it has the same name as my friend though which is weird ahah xx

  2. YUUUMMY!! Everything looks really divine, I especially love the desserts, so mouth-watering.=D The ceiling is so cool, great place!

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  3. Delicious food!!!!
    I wish you an amazing weekend darling!!!


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