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Howdy readers! I was invited by the GlamST with their campaign regarding this site I was invited at BrandBracker. This site aims to create a positive community of women that feel comfortable with their choices and who they are. You can try virtual looks, try products you would have never dare to try, find your real beauty, help other find the best looks, have fun and receive and give advice!

About the website:
In this website, you can upload a photo of yourself and be a real make up artist! They offer real makeup products virtually. You can adjust the shades of the products to create a new look version of yourself. It comes with different names and shades. You can create, save and even share looks. You can try new eyeshadow and eyeliner. They also have different kinds of features available in their website.

About the Brand:
They are two women co-founders, telematics engineers from Uruguay, South America. As women engineers in a male-dominated world, they have decided to bring innovation to a problem women face everyday: choosing make that's best for you and spotting the latest trends. 

They began their start-up 2.5 years ago, when they were finishing their engineering degrees from university. They started it as a project and then transformed it into their business and passion for the last couple of years. 

At first, both of them coded the first version of the software, which L'Oreal uses in our country; it was a point of sale version of the virtual tester, which automatically captures a picture of the user. The product has now evolved to GlamST: an online platform, which aims to create a new way of selecting and buying products.

They believe that they can create a new process of selection of makeup online and that their platform will allow women to share, discuss, help, entertain and identify the best beauty products for each women

I don't have a picture of myself because my camera is not functioning well but I chose a model which has almost the same skin tone with me. Anyway, here is a sneak peak of their website. I tried doing her lipstick and this is the after look.

If you are new to makeup, this thing will surely help you. You will know what suites you and works well for you. I greatly recommend this website for all newbie, professional or addicted to make ups. You may want to try it now: and

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